Snow Report

Reported on Apr 10th, 2017:


Summit (6,817ft/2,078m)

Overnight Snow: 0"/0cm
Settled Base: 131"/333cm
Total to Date: 407"/1034cm
Temperature: 58°F /14°C
24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
7 Day Snow: 0"/0cm
Current Conditions: Clear
Visibility/Wind: Good - 10 S
Open Runs: 0
Night Skiing: Closed for the season
Terrain Parks: Closed

Lower Mountain (4,464ft/1,361m)

2016/17 Snowfall By Month

Flathead Avalanche Center's current advisory.

Deep thoughts by Mike*:

8 a.m. report: We made it! Winter 2016-17 is officially in the books, and what a season it was. Today is our annual employee ski day. Chair 1 will open at 10 a.m. and will run until 1 p.m. today. The Summit House doors to restroom open at 10:15. Doors to Restaurant & Bar open at 12:15, lunch served at 12:30. 

Sorry season pass holders and guests, but today is only for employees. Uphill traffic is still allowed, but PLEASE follow the uphill policy. 

This morning we're greeted with a gorgeous morning. Big Mountain is glowing in the morning colors and frosted with yesterday's snowfall. 

We received 2 inches of new snow throughout the day yesterday, so we can expect some amazing soft turns out there this morning. 

Thanks for the great season everyone. I had a great time reporting snow this season. It was an all time season to be a snow reporter. 

The season in snow stats:

This season was one for the record books. 

We received 407 inches of snowfall this year, the second most in the last 20 years!

We received 46 inches in November, 98 inches in December, 37 inches in January, 115 inches in February, 102 inches in March and April gave us 9 inches. 

We finished the season with a settled base of 131 inches, nearly 12 feet stacked on our summit. 

It snowed 69 days this season out of a possible 124. Including 29 days where it snowed 6 or more inches. 

Thanks again to everyone for the amazing season. We reopen for summer on Friday June 16 for Pass Holder Appreciation Day. 

Have a great season. We'll see you next year. 

Groomer of the Day*: Over the Hill Gang! 

Today's Chairs: We're CLOSED for the season. Chair 1 will turn from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for employees only. 

Uphill Skiing Reminder: It is prohibited for any skier, hiker, or person otherwise, to approach within 100 feet of grooming machines, whether stationary or moving; or 50 feet of snowmaking equipment, to include but not limited to fan guns, high-pressure water lines, and high-voltage electrical cables, within the Whitefish Mountain Resort permit boundary. This Special Order is ALWAYS In Effect. Please read the Uphill Policy before you go.

Parking Info: Sign up to receive parking lot text alerts on busy days. Text PARKTHEFISH to 24587. We will send you alerts ONLY on our busiest days (Saturdays, holidays, busy powder days).

*This snow report is one person's subjective assessment of conditions at a single moment in time. The actual statistics of this report are input by 7am each day with various "story" updates throughout the morning. Always check with Ski Patrol if you need more information before you decide where you're going.

Today's Run Status

Show:   - All Runs | - Groomed | - Beginner | - Intermediate | - Advanced | - Expert

Chair 1 - Big Mountain Express

    1000 Turns
    Bench Run
    Big Ravine
    Cal's Country
    Don's Descent
    East Rim
    East Rim Face
    Easy Out
    Elephant's Graveyard
    Evan's Heaven
    Fault 2
    Fault 3
    First Creek
    Good Medicine
    Haskill Slide
    Lee's Way
    Middle Fork
    Moe Mentum
    Movie Land
    No Name
    North Bowl Face
    Over the Hill Gang
    Powder Bowl
    Ptarmigan Bowl
    Russ's Street
    Schmidt's Chute
    Toni Matt

Chair 2 - Swift Creek Express

    Ed's Run
    Home Again
    Mully's Moguls
    Nice Day
    Ranger Trail
    Swift Creek
    Wood Lot

Chair 3 - Tenderfoot

    Alpinglow Alley
    Central Ave
    Hope Slope
    Ski Way
    The Depot

Chair 4 - Great Northern

    Friends of Langley
    Heep Steep
    Hogan's East
    Little Bavaria
    Powder Trap
    Three Stooges

Chair 5 - Glacier View

    Big Face
    Upper Langley

Chair 6 - Base Lodge

    Huckleberry Patch

Chair 7 - Big Creek Express

    Big Horn
    Black Bear
    George's Gorge
    Goat Haunt
    Gray Wolf

Chair 8 - Hellroaring

    Connie's Coulee
    Glory Hole
    Gray's Golf Course
    Hell Fire
    Hwy to Heaven
    Picture Chutes
    Sling Shot
    The Back 9

Chair 9 - Easy Rider

    Lower Inspiration
    Over Easy
    Under Easy

Chair 10 - Bad Rock

    Bad Rock

Chair 11 - Flower Point

    Big Creek
    Hidden Meadow
    Inside Road
    North Fork
    One Grand Parade
    Outside Road
    Ridge Run

Bigfoot T-Bar 2

T-Bar 2 is open weekends & holidays. When closed these runs are not patrolled and considered out-of-bounds.
    Lodi Ridge
    Trapper's Trail
    Whiskey Spring

Big Easy Carpet

    Big Easy Carpet Area

Today's Open Lifts

Chair 1 - Big Mountain Express (9:30am-4:00pm)

Treewell Safety

Skiing and snowboarding off the groomed runs and in deep powder snow is one of the most exciting and appealing parts of our sport. If you decide to leave the groomed trails, you are voluntarily accepting the risk of falling into tree wells or deep snow and suffocating.

A deep snow or tree well accident occurs when a rider or skier falls into an area of deep unconsolidated snow and becomes immobilized. The more the person struggles, the more entrapped in the snow they become. Deaths resulting from these kinds of accidents are referred to as a NARSID or Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death. Fortunately, these types of accidents are preventable.

Treewell Safety

This abbreviated information is from Please visit their website to learn more about tree well safety.