Mountain Biking

Bike Trails

Helmets, closed-toed shoes, front and rear brakes are required on all bike trails. Electric bikes are not allowed in the Whitefish Bike Park. Please stay on designated trails in accordance with our Forest Service permit.

Bad Rock Zone


0.5mi/150 +/-. Our entry level flow trail great for a warm up and for riders new to bike parks.


Freeride. 1.1mi. DH Only. Low grade berms with drop options under the lift.


Freeride. 0.5mi. DH Only. Our flagship beginner/intermediate flow trail.


Freeride. 0.5mi. DH Only. Super fun beginner jumps and features.

Brown Sugar

Freeride. 0.3mi. DH Only. The old lower Runaway Train trail packed with freeride feel.

Holy Diver

Technical. 0.4mi. DH Only. Steep downhill singletrack with tight switchbacks.

Careless Whisper

Technical. 0.2mi. DH Only. Accessed via Holy Diver. Empties at the bottom of Chair 1.


Technical. 0.2mi. DH Only. Steep downhill singletrack with tight switchbacks.

Working Man

Technical. 0.15mi. DH Only.

Kenny Loggins

Technical. 0.3mi. DH Only.

Summit Overview

Summit Trail - Upper

Classic. 2 Way (1 Way 12 – 5PM) 3.5mi. Fun singletrack with great views. Noon – 5PM uphill traffic not recommended.


Freeride. 2.6mi. DH Only. Flow! Intersects with the Summit Trail six times. Work your way up to more advanced features.


Technical. 0.2mi. DH Only. Steep and technical, this trail will get your heart beating.


Freeride. 1.8mi. DH Only. A steep flow trail with berms and jumps – great to watch from Chair 1.

Runaway Train

Technical. 2.9mi. DH Only. Our marquee downhill trail, with rock gardens, steeper descents and loose trail.

Classic Rock

Technical. 0.3mi. DH Only. Big rock garden and step down jumps. ‘Nuf said.


Technical. 0.2mi. DH Only. Boom!

B-Side Zone

Summit Trail - Lower

Classic. 2 Way (1 Way 12 – 5PM) 4.2mi. Fun singletrack with great views. Noon – 5PM uphill traffic not recommended.

Pinball Wizard

.2mi Accessed from the end of the Zeppelin jumpline, the end of Sidecar or the Lower Summit Trail, this technical trail offers multiple lines in a loamy section of tight trees.

ZZ Top

.4mi/280 vert. An intermediate technical trail for riders comfortable on blue trails.


Technical. 0.6mi. DH Only. Narrow singletrack with a few wooden features just for fun.


Freeride. 0.7m. DH Only. A flowy finish to any trail on the east side of the mountain.

Zeppelin Jump Line

Freeride, DH Only. Drops into a Jump Line. Inspect them first, start small and work your way up.

Cyndi's Loppers

Technical. 0.4m. DH Only. Steep and technical with lots of man-made and natural features to play on.

Multi-Use Trails

Bob Cedar - XC

XC Bike/Hike. Multi Use. 1mi - One Way. Old road trail with beautiful views and cedar trees. Connects to The Whitefish Trail.