Summer Activity

Trail Etiquette

Know the code, it’s your responsibility.

Stay on designated trails.

Share the trail.

Pack it in, pack it out – garbage attracts bears.

Enjoy the flowers, but please don’t pick them.

Wear light hiking boots or non-slip shoes.

Wildlife: Whitefish Mountain Resort is home to deer, elk, mountain lions, coyote, weasels, wolves and bears. This is bear country with both grizzly and black bears appearing from time to time. Hikers should make their presence known on the trails by making noise. Never approach wildlife; even “tame” looking animals can be dangerous. The use of bear spray is allowed on the mountain and can be a deterrent in an animal attack.

Water: Carry your own water. Water found near trails is NOT recommended for drinking. Giardia and other bacteria contaminate most mountain streams.

Weather: Hikers should plan ahead, check weather forecasts and bring extra clothing along – jackets, hats, perhaps even gloves. Pay attention – the weather can change quickly.

Altitude: Visitors from lower elevations, especially sea level, may feel the effects of altitude at the top of the mountain, including shortness of breath or dizziness. To reduce the effect, stay hydrated and take it easy.

Fire danger: Fire danger can be extreme during the summer. Smoking is not recommended on hiking trails and, at times, is prohibited.