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*** E-assist bikes are only allowed on our multi-use trails (no Summit trail). ***

Ride more than 25 miles of lift-accessed and cross-country mountain bike trails above the Flathead Valley.

In Whitefish, we go with the flow. Our laid back vibe is one of the reasons why people keep coming back. That and the other relaxing characteristics: our lazy meandering river, pours of locally-brewed beers and community full of easy-going locals. Even our bike trails have flow. It’s a term that often describes mountain bike trails. The way they are carved into a mountain in harmony with its contours for a smooth ride so you can, well, go with the flow.

You know the feeling– the state of being completely immersed in the moment. As a mountain biker, it’s a connection to the trail as if your bike is an extension of yourself. Rolling over features, plunging through berms, catching air and landing like a feather. The Whitefish Bike Park is known for its flow. A feeling that begins as you approach the mountain, elevates as you ride the lift and culminates as you descend lap after lap.

Bike Park Stats

  • 2,353′ vertical drop
  • 2 lifts
  • 25+ miles of downhill trails
  • 9 miles of cross-country / hiking trails

Downhill Trail Stats

  • Easiest: 2
  • Moderate: 2
  • Difficult: 6
  • More Difficult: 9
  • Most Difficult: 3

Whitefish Mountain Resort hosts a variety of mountain bike events throughout the summer, see the full schedule on our Facebook events page.