Huckleberry Picking Updates


Whitefish Mountain Resort is one of the most prolific and easy to access destinations for huckleberry picking in the northwest. Once the berries start showing up this summer, check here for updates on where to find the purple gold.

What to bring with you huckleberry picking:

  • Container(s) in which to carry your huckleberries.
  • Water & snacks (at altitude it’s important to be well hydrated and fed).
  • Sunscreen & rain gear (you know what they say about the weather, “Wait 15 minutes it will change”).
  • Bear spray (if you are picking hucks you are by definition in bear country).
  • A friend (someone you can chat with and help keep the bears aware of your presence).

Huckdate: August 28, 2019

The hucks have reached the summit! They are small and not all of them are quite ripe enough, but they are up there. The better ones are a further down at lower elevations, and they are plentiful. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is a banner year for huckleberries. I don’t mind telling you where to find them because there are so many there’s plenty for all!

On yesterday’s mission I found some friends picking near the summit, right under Chair 1, although there was some good picking there I urged them down the mountain where my friend said she found some in the old Chair 5 area. Sure enough on Big Face we found patches everywhere as we made our way down the mountain. We moved down toward Chute and filled our containers easily. Then we hiked down a bit further and found “The Motherload.” Luckily, I had a second container, and we also filled the containers of the kids who were grazing more than harvesting and we scored big time! I don’t mind telling you this because I think we (many of you included) could go back there for the next five days and I’m sure could not pick them all.

Suggestion: ride the Scenic Lift Ride to the summit with containers, water, bear spray and loud children. Walk down the Danny On, or a favorite ski run you know, and then look for bushes. Plan on two hours (minimum) of picking, plus time to hike down. You will fill your buckets.