Mountain Stats

Whitefish Mountain Resort is a skiing and snowboarding paradise with 113 named trails spanning roughly 3,000 acres of varied terrain on all aspects of Big Mountain.

In addition to the groomed runs, we have four terrain parks, a skier/boardercross course and vast expanses of bowls and glades that make for world-renowned tree skiing. Partially located on the Flathead National Forest, the resort operates 11 chairlifts as well as a T-bar and a conveyor carpet for beginners.

The mountain receives nearly 300 inches of snow in an average year. With a summit elevation of 6,817 feet and a base elevation of 4,464 feet, guests can descend a total of 2,353 vertical feet — nearly half a mile — down the south-facing slopes.

Our longest run is Hell Fire, an intermediate trail stretching 2.52 miles through the Hellroaring Basin, and our biggest lift is the six-seater Snow Ghost Express, which rises 2,224 vertical feet from the Base Lodge area to the top of Inspiration Ridge.

Lift information reflects typical operational hours that may or may not be accurate based on weather, maintenance and other factors. Please refer to our Hours & Dates page and/or the Snow Report for the current statuses.





Ride Time*

Chair 1 – Big Mountain Express High-Speed Quad 9:30am—4pm 2,084 ft. 8 min. (15 min summer)
Chair 2 – Swift Creek Express High-Speed Quad 9am—4pm 1,110 ft. 5 min. (8 min summer)
Chair 3 – Tenderfoot Triple 9am—4pm 441 ft. 6 min.
Chair 4 – Snow Ghost Express High-Speed Six 9am—4pm 2,224 ft. 7 min.
Chair 5 – East Rim Triple 9:45am—4pm 804 ft. 6 min.
Chair 6 – Base Lodge Quad 8:45am—4:30pm 215 ft. 6 min.
Chair 7 – Big Creek Express High-Speed Quad 9:45am—3:30pm 1,211 ft. 7 min.
Chair 8 – Hellroaring Triple 9:45am—4pm 1,082 ft. 7 min.
Chair 9 – Easy Rider Quad 9am—4pm 278 ft. 6 min.
Chair 10 – Bad Rock Triple 9:30am—4pm 461 ft. 4 min.
Chair 11 – Flower Point Triple 9:45am—3:15pm 998 ft. 9 min.
Big Easy Conveyor Carpet Surface 9am—4pm 35 ft. 3 min.
T-Bar 2 – Bigfoot Surface 10am—3:15pm 407 ft. 3 min.
T-Bar 1 – Heritage Surface competition use only 567 ft. 4 min.
Elk Highlands Triple home access lift for subdivisions; 9am—4pm 536 ft. 6 min.

*Ride times may vary due to lift speed, weather, operations or other variables.