Summer Activity

Trail Descriptions

It is important to know that all hiking trails except the Danny On, East Rim and Flower Point are “multi-use” meaning that mountain bikers also are allowed to use them. While hikers do have the right-of-way, it is often easier for the hiker to stop and give way to a mountain biker. Be aware that you may encounter mountain bikers at any time on multi-use trails, please be considerate and remember to share the trail.

These hiking trail classifications are based on the time for an average hiker to complete the trail.


Arnica Ridge

.6 miles. Family-friendly hike to Jumping Rainbow Pond that features early-season berry picking.

Speedwagon/Van Hagar

1.6 miles. Hike between the Base Lodge and West Village. Connects to Van Hagar.

Crosstown Traffic/Slow Ride

1.1 miles. These two trails run parallel across the lower mountain above the Base Lodge area.

Moderate – Lower Mountain (45 minutes to 2 hours)


2.7 miles. Old road loops around Stoltze’s Knob ending at Jumping Rainbow Pond. Connects to Bob Cedar.


.4 miles. A singletrack trail “shortcut” on Journey.

Bob Cedar

2 miles. Old road with beautiful views, creek crossings and cedar trees.

Moderate – Summit

East Rim

1 miles. Loop hike around the East Rim ridge offering views of Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley.

Flower Point

3.6 miles. Loop hike through meadows and dense forest to Flower Point for views of the North Fork of Glacier National Park.

Difficult (2+ hours)

Danny On

3.8 miles. Hike up or down. Our signature hiking trail and the most popular hiking trail in the Flathead National Forest.

Danny On with Flower Point Loop

5.6 miles. Gain mileage and take in a few more views.