Ambassador Tours

Hours & Dates

December 17, 2022 - March 26, 2023
10:30am and 1:30pm

Yes, Whitefish Mountain Resort is BIG. We ski and snowboard on all four sides of the mountain, which offers huge amounts of terrain for every level of skier or rider. At Whitefish Mountain Resort, our Ambassadors' primary goal is to orient you to the mountain. They can help you find your dream terrain and have the time of your life!

Ambassadors are also here to help with any other needs you may have. Looking for a restaurant recommendation? Want to know where to get your skis tuned? Need to find the child care center? We're here to help. Please don't hesitate to approach an ambassador any time you need assistance.

  • Tours are FREE, but do require a lift ticket.
  • Tours leave daily at 10:30am and 1:30pm and are composed of very small groups.
  • To take a tour, guests must be able to ski comfortably on Blue More Difficult runs.
  • There is no need to register in advance - just show up!
  • Meet your guide at the top or bottom of Chair 1.
  • Large groups should call in advance so we can accommodate you with additional guides.

Call 406-862-1702 for more information.

Meet Your Mountain Ambassadors

Bob Kimball


Bio: In 1991, my wife and I decided we wanted to buy some retirement property in the Mountains of Montana. We arrived in the flathead valley at 1pm and by 7 pm had located and purchased some property in paradise. In 1997, I retired from the Los Angles Police Department after 31 years and made the move to our new home in Bigfork. After our first summer my wife asked what I planned to do during the winter. I advised her I was going to become a ski instructor. She just wanted to know how I was going to be a ski instructor since I did not know how to ski. I thought that was a good point. Therefore, I became an Ambassador and started honing my skiing skills.  I am on my way with another career as a Big Mountain ski Ambassador. The guests who take Mountain tours are always so appreciative regardless of their skill level. Showing off this area is so easy because of the natural beauty and the friendly people

Favorite run: Lower Bad Rock with fresh powder that has not been touched.

Big Mtn Wisdom: Big Mountain is very big.  I still find places I have not skied. Everyday is a new experience. The conditions on the mountain are always changing so do not put anything off for another time. Skiing and the mountain experience is for the here and now.  Flower Point has been a great addition to the ski experience at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Don Hawley


Bio: I am a native of Montana, born in Great Falls. I moved to Whitefish in 2004 with my wife, Betty. I started with the Ambassador Program in the 2004/05 season.  I am a retired attorney and enjoy all the activities the Flathead has to offer. The opportunities which the Ambassador Program bring are many. Meeting folks from all over the world and showing off the mountain is exciting.

If you have not come to Whitefish Mountain Resort to enjoy the resort, town and people, come on out. Take full advantage of what the Resort has to offer, to include a tour with one of our Ambassadors.

Fred Van Horn


Bio: I moved to West Glacier in 1989 with my wife, Lynne, to work as a Ranger in Glacier National Park. In 1998, we moved to Columbia Falls. We had previously lived and worked in Crater Lake National Park, Mesa Verde National Park and Yellowstone National Park. We have two sons, Peter and Alex. Peter is a telemark skier and raced for several years on the Glacier Nordic Ski Team. Alex is an Alpine skier and snowboarder. He also skied on the Glacier Nordic Prep Team. Lynne is an avid cross-country skier. We also love to hike and camp. In the spring of 2008 I retired after more than 32 years with the National Park Service. I became an Ambassador to be able to spend more time on the Mountain and to meet new folks.

Favorite Run: One of the most underrated runs on the Mountain is Good Medicine. I am constantly amazed at how good the snow is, even on days when it's marginal in other areas.

Big Mtn. Wisdom: In all the years I've skied Big Mountain, I have always been able to find good runs and good snow somewhere on the mountain. Even when I have hesitated to go up because I think the weather or snow conditions may not be good, when I get there I have a good time and I'm glad I went.

Mike LeBeau



Bio: A 2005 transplant from San Diego, CA, after a career in real estate and construction, my wife and I enjoy all of the beauty and majesty to be found every day and night in Northwest Montana.  

Favorite Run:  With the tremendous variety of terrain and challenging lines to be found on the mountain, picking a favorite run is like being asked to pick a favorite child. It can’t be done.  But pressed on that question, I will admit that I’ve had a whole lot of fun over the years skiing all of the lines in Hellroaring Basin, particularly on a deep powder day.   On the other hand, taking a quick spin with a friend or two down Cal’s into Elkweed can really get the heart rate and conversation going for the day.

Big Mountain Wisdom:  On a powder day don’t miss out on launching into one of the Stooges.  That’s a party!


Scott Ringer


BIO: I retired from my 31 year international hotel career, and my wife and I looked at each other and asked, "What's next?" Janet had fallen in love with Whitefish in the late 70's and had always wanted to live here. IN April 2006, we came to take a look, to see if I would like Whitefish too. By the end of our 3 day visit, I was hooked! Skiing, Golf, Boating, Glacier National Park..... Need I say more? IN August 2006, we picked up stakes and moved, just in time for our youngest son to start High School. I have been in the hospitality business all my life and so becoming an Ambassador was an easy choice. After all, I have been an Ambassador all my life, just never on Skis! I look forward to greeting you and showing you around the mountain.

Favorite Run: Now that is a tough one! First tracks on chair 2 coming down Ed's with smooth corduroy is tough to beat. Once chair 1 is open then I would choose Good Medicine or Heep Steep, especially if we had 6+ fresh the night before.

Big Mtn Wisdom: IF you find yourself skiing in fog (OK yes, we do have some from time to time) sing to yourself, it will take your mind off of worrying where the heck you are! Keep looking for those little orange fog balls.

Jim Robertson


I grew up in So Cal and learned to ski at Wrightwood, Big Bear and Mammoth - After attending San Diego State University, I unwittingly took a job as a boiler room stockbroker, then transfered to the bullpen at Shearson - after three years of misery I decided to trade in my golden handcuffs, let everyone else win, and run away and join the circus - I ended up at Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Marketing and have been in the ski industry ever since - I moved to Whitefish in 2000 - another great place to be a ski bum - I built a couple log houses in the woods and am enjoying the journey here in Montana with my family.
Favorite Run
My favorite run would have to be Big Mountain Jesus, down Hellroaring, and finishing in Heaven - not only is the skiing and view fantastic, it's one of the only ski runs I know of that I can a complete religious experience in 3 minutes.
Big Mountain Wisdom
Skiing Ptarmigan Bowl to Good Medicine allows one to ski the fall line without having to spend time traversing on Russ' Street - for me Good Medicine is a prescription for health without needing a doctor's visit

Grant Holle


Bio:  I am a fourth generation Montanan, born in Whitefish and currently living in Bigfork.  I can honestly say that all the lumber that went into building the first ski lodge,  now the Hellroaring Saloon, came from my father's lumber yard.  Needless to say, Whitefish Mountain Resort is very special to me for many reasons.  I retired from the Lake County Sheriff's Office in 2005, specializing in Search and Rescue coordination with an emphasis in water rescue, recovery, boat accidents and investigations.

Favorite Run:  Inspiration!!!  Name says it all!!  Great views, many options and some of the best blue runs ever!!!  Voted as one of the top 50 ski runs in the world...You can't go wrong!

Mountain Wisdom:  A couple of things that I advocate, is carrying a whistle and ski with someone.  I fell into a tree well last year for the first time while skiing with my wife, Paula.  I used my whistle to alert Paula and she was able to dig me out. .  This incident is common with expert skiers, so don't let your ego make a bad decision!!

Chip Beck


Profile coming soon


Ed Lieser


Bio:  After learning to ski on Minnesota’s blue ice over forty years ago I decided to move to the

northern rocky mountains in 1978. My wife and I raised our three children here in Whitefish and

I had a very satisfying career as a forester with the U.S. Forest Service until 2008 when I retired.

Since then I’ve kept busy with a variety of recreational activities, local nonprofit boards and representing the Whitefish in the Montana State legislature.


Favorite Run: I’ve always liked Gray’s Golf Course but lately it’s been fun to find a line in the trees off Ridge Run around Flower Point.


Big Mountain Wisdom: When visibility becomes a challenge head for the trees.


Pat Van Eimeren


Bio: After 30 years as a fisheries biologist for the Flathead National Forest I retired and joined the Ambassador program, I’m still on the water but just in a different form! Whitefish Mountain Resort is largely on National Forest land, I was able to work with the resort on ski area expansion while writing Environmental Impact Statements to protect anything from bull trout to grizzly bears. Now, I get to share my knowledge of the landscape with skiers and swap fish stories on the lift! Get out and ski public lands, it’s yours to explore!

Favorite Run: In 2014 a CNN feature, "World’s Best Ski Runs," ranked "Inspiration" at Whitefish Mountain Resort No. 20 on its list of 100 best ski runs. It’s the only Montana run in the top 100, and joins France, Switzerland, Canada and Wyoming among others in the top 20.

"The 701-meter drop is fun, but it’s the views of Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley that make Inspiration special."

Janet Bristol


I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and ended up retiring here in Whitefish, MT after years traveling the globe with the U.S. Navy and my U.S. Marine Corps husband. We live here to enjoy all Montana has to offer recreationally, particularly the skiing! Whitefish Mountain Resort is easily accessible and offers a lot of diverse terrain, some epic powder days and endless tree skiing. This is my third season as a mountain ambassador and I am still finding pockets of unexplored terrain. While I enjoy black diamonds and dropping into Hellroaring basin or skiing the trees on the Flower Point chair, I love the beauty of "Inspiration" and the fun of "Moose" and "Ridge Run" (despite the runout) on a powder day. I look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

Angie Winter


Bio: In 2006, we took our first family vacation to Glacier National Park, and after several successive summers in the Flathead Valley, we decided we would retire here. I am originally from Ohio, but have lived and worked all over the country & UK. It was not a tough decision to choose this little slice of paradise for retirement! We purchased 8 acres in 2010, and our dream finally came true when we moved into our log home in April 2018. I look forward to sharing the majesty of Whitefish and the valley with all of our guests.

Favorite Run: I have been thinking about this for 10 minutes, and just can't decide!!! All runs have something special to choose from.


Bill Lukens


Bio: My wife Mikki and I were born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I practiced Equine Veterinary Medicine for 32 years. We retired at the end of 2011 and moved to Whitefish. We chose Whitefish because of the friendly people and beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. Add Glacier National Park and Whitefish Mountain Resort and you have a wonderful place to live and play.

Favorite Run: All the runs in Hellroaring Basin on a powder day.

Charlie Logan


Charlie Logan

Soon after transferring to Glacier National Park in 1985 as a uniformed Park Ranger, the entire Logan family began frequenting Whitefish Mountain Resort. For over three decades my family has enjoyed the relative cost, oustanding hospitality, friendly service, and expansive terrain offered by the Resort.

I retired from the Park Service in late 2003 and put on the Ambassador uniform. It was an easy transition and I was very grateful for the opportunity to continue doing guest services, particularly at a world-class ski area.

The following winter I was accepted for one of the coveted positions on Ski Patrol where I worked for the next 10 winter seasons putting my park service training towards responding to emergency situations.

Then I went back to the Amabassador program for the 2017/18 winter season and am still 'living the dream', enjoying every minute spent at WMR.

Favorite Run: I like the linked combination of runs locally known as "Around the World" that starts down Toni Matt, onto Upper Big Ravine to the Interstate, then over to Ed's (or Hellroaring) and back to Chair 1.

Big Mtn Wisdom: I've always been impressed with what the grooming crew provides each morning. They work all night, every night, to smooth out the runs and lay down that beautiful corduroy.

Jeff Joern


In the fall of 2020, I retired from nearly 40 years of flying, first in the military, then as an airline pilot. One of the first things I did after moving my family here in the summer of 2004 ( and committing to commute back and forth to work ) was to buy our Big Mountain ski passes. 18 passes later, and with more time on my hands, I find myself looking forward to my first season as an ambassador. Favorite run: Probably any of the runs off the flower point chair, especially on a powder day.

Kristen Ramsey


Kristen Ramsey


Mike Streeter


Mike Streeter

Alan Kuntz


After a week of skiing Big Mountain in the epic winter of 1996, my wife and I met with a realtor and made an offer on a slice of land just south of Whitefish that same day! Our hope was to settle here after retirement from the Navy 3 years later. When Southwest Airlines called, the dream came true, because the best thing about being a pilot is you can live anywhere! (Although, the worst thing about being a pilot is you can live anywhere!). So after 20 years of commuting 5 hours to work, it was time to retire again and start career #3 as an Ambassador. The skiing here is phenomenal and a great replacement for landing a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier. FAVORITE RUN: Corkscrew - all the way down to Expressway. BIG MOUNTAIN WISDOM: The mountain has so much to offer skiers of all levels of expertise with its 3000+ acres of terrain. And you can't beat the views of Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley. You'll be hard-pressed to find a friendlier place to ski/ride.

Mark Winter



I am originally from the U.K. I moved to the US in 1991 and have since lived in 5 states. As a family we have travelled extensively. We fell in love with Glacier Park and Northwest Montana on our first visit here 10 years ago. We retired here in 2017and are taking advantage of all the outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, fishing and so much more. We are still discovering spectacularly beautiful places.

This is my first year working on the mountain and I am loving every minute of it. While I enjoy the early morning powder runs like everyone, I find coming over the top of Inspiration at the end of the day --when it\'s quiet, with the sun low, just me and the snow ghosts -- to be an experience unique to Whitefish Mountain.

Dan Singer


Bio: In December of 2013, I moved with my wife Patti from Santa Barbra CA to Columbia Falls MT. We moved up to Montana to get away for the bumper to bumper traffic on the 405 & 101 freeways and wanted a better quality of life. My business career has always been in the footwear industry as an senior executive with Nike, Skechers, Sperry Topsider & EMU Australia. My wife’s dream was to own a B & B and we had the opportunity to buy the Meadow Lake View B & B in the Meadow Lake Golf Resort. We also got into residential real estate investment and the VRBO business. We started buying homes in the Columbia Falls area and totally gutting them for a complete remodel and brining these older homes back to life. My hobbies have always been snow skiing, golfing, boating & water skiing, wine tasting, fly fishing and sailing. My personal dream was to always live in a ski town and we hit the jackpot when we discovered Whitefish Montana. Favorite run: On a clear day you can’t beat Inspiration. Cruising along the beautiful snow ghosts and then the amazing view of the entire Flathead Valley takes your breath away. Endless views from Glacier Park to Flathead Lake, you feel like you are on top of the world. Whitefish Mtn Wisdom: The mountain has trails for every level of skier. Be careful if the conditions get foggy, I always suggest get a hot cup of coffee or your beverage of choice and wait 30 minutes in the new summit lodge and it usually clears up. I have been skiing this mountain for 9 years and still discover new trails every year. If you like powder chair 11# Flower Point is a favorite with all the locals.

Boyd Behnke


Born and raised in Iowa I met my wife Nancy in St Louis. My career in accounting and finance included assignments in St Louis, Frankfurt Germany and New York City. Nearing retirement and loving the outdoors we began our search for the right spot to settle down Our Montana adventure began in 2009 (and continues) once we saw the Flathead Valley and all that it has to offer - lakes, streams, Glacier National Park and yes, Whitefish and Big Mountain. Whitefish is special - the mountain, the town and the people! Favorite Run: It’s really tough to pick a favorite run but I do enjoy Inspiration and Moe-Mentum. Go explore, have fun and find your favorite!

Jay Wolfe


I moved to Bigfork Montana in 2001 for a great little town close to skiing & Mountain Biking, yet still large enough to maintain a career in building and real estate. After moving to Whitefish in 2010, I realized I spent most of my time on the Whitefish trails, in Glacier Park and on what was Big Mountain. Soon after I realized I enjoyed Whitefish Mountain Resort so much more when I had friends visit and come skiing. I look at the mountain through a different lens, when I am with others that have never skied this place. As a rookie Ambassador this year, I am super excited to share this place with others, and chat about and see the many the things we are able to enjoy here. Schedule a tour with me, or any of our other Ambassador's and let's get out there! Favorite Run: Cals Country, to Fault, and around to Elk Weed. Tasty stuff back there... Mountain tip: Get to the parking lot at 8 am on a powder day with a full cup of coffee and meet the locals and their dogs!

Paula Holle


BIO: I was raised in the Mission Valley, south of Flathead Lake on a farm/ranch. I have fond memories of family horseback pack trips in the Mission Mountains, hiking, fishing, huckleberry picking all fitted in between putting up hay in the summer. The winters brought feeding the hay to the cattle and horses and Ronan Ski Club bus trips to Big Mountain on Saturdays. When I began skiing the resort had Chair 1, a T-bar, poma lift and a rope tow. After HS I attended Montana State University in Bozeman MT, majoring in Physical Education. After graduation from MSU I was a happy travel bum for a few years but settled into a permanent position at Lake County MT where I met my husband Grant who was in law enforcement at the time. I retired in 2020 after 30+ years at Lake County. My desire to meet new people has prompted me to volunteer in Glacier Park and I was very fortunate to also start as an Ambassador in the 2021-2022 winter season. I look forward to showing those new to the mountain the lovely area that surrounds us at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. FAVORITE RUN: After the snow has filled in, usually mid-January on a cold powder day I’ll go to Good Medicine. WISDOM: Always ski with a buddy!