A message to parents and passholders about night skiing behavior

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Dear Passholder Community & Parents,

First of all, I want to thank all of you for being loyal season passholders at Whitefish Mountain Resort. We know this year has brought upon many of you some challenging moments, but your unwavering commitment to skiing and riding at WMR is appreciated.

As some of you may or may not know, the past couple of years have posed some unique challenges during our Night Skiing and S.N.O.W. Bus operations. Some of the behavior of our local teens has risen to a level of both unwelcome and unfortunate. Guests unwantedly being struck with snowballs, obscene language in lift lines, disrespect of fellow guests, and vandalism in lodges and restaurants that is simply unacceptable. This past Friday was unfortunately no different in that it posed an unwanted challenge, but largely different in that it nearly had what could have been a catastrophic result. In short, the actions of some of our unsupervised teens nearly resulted in a lift accident that could have caused significant harm to the entire line of lift riders.

The reality is that most of our local youth are good kids. Many of your kids are great kids. And many of you are receiving this because we want you to know we recognize the problem and will be doing something about it moving forward. And to some others, it's our way of asking you as a parent for your help.

Unfortunately, the convenience of the S.N.O.W. Bus has led to a largely unsupervised situation where some of your kids feel they can act in ways that we are certain you would not approve of as parents. As a result, moving forward we are empowering managers and supervisors to start taking more definitive action against the unruly and unwelcome behavior that has become more frequent, especially in the Chair 3 zone. Passes will be hot-listed and suspended, possibly simply for being in the group of kids causing trouble.

We are looking to all of you as parents to help support this message of expected behavior, whether it's on the S.N.O.W. Bus (where countless complaints continue to be reported), at bus stops or elsewhere here at the resort. If you're sending your kids up every weekend on the bus unsupervised, please have a refresher conversation about your expectations, what it means to be a courteous skier or rider, and how neither you nor the mountain are going to tolerate disrespectful behavior. Any support you as parents can lend in spreading this message to our community's youth would be greatly appreciated. Or better yet, come up on a Friday or Saturday night with your kids and help be a part of the solution.

Thank you.

Nick Polumbus
President, Whitefish Mountain Resort