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Presidents’ Park Rail Jam & Slopestyle

February 15 - February 16


Presidents’ Park – Rail Jam Saturday Evening / Slopestyle Sunday
February 15 – Rail Jam, Torchlight Parade and Fireworks
February 16 – Sunday Slopestyle

This is a 2 part event in the Whitefish Mountain Resort Terrain Parks. Compete in one or both events.

Slopestyle events provide the best opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to throw down their best tricks on full runs through the Terrain Park using as many jumps and rail features as possible.

Rail Jam events are a blast. Competition is fun for riders and the fast-paced action is fun for spectators!

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – Check-in / Day of Registration at the Events Office
3:15 pm – Inspection Opens
4:00 pm – Inspection Closes
4:15 am – Mandatory Meeting for Upper Division Competitors
4:30 pm – Rail Jam Start – Younger Divisions
4:50 pm – Rail Jam Start – Older / Open Divisions
5:15 pm – Finals Jam Start
6:00 pm – Awards at Ed & Mully’s
7:00 pm – Torchlight Parade and Fireworks Begin (bottom of Ed’s Run, outside Ed and Mully’s)

9:30 am – 10:30 am – Check-in / Day of Registration at the Events Office
10:00 am – 11:00 am – Course Open for Inspection
11:15 am – Mandatory Meeting for Upper Division Competitors
11:30 pm – 1:15 pm – Slopestyle Competition Start for Upper Division Competitors (Central/2nd St)
1:00 pm – Mandatory Meeting for Lower Division Competitors
1:15 pm – Competition Start for Lower Division Competitors (Depot Park)
2:15 pm – Awards at Ed & Mully’s

Competitions will be held at Chair 3 / Whitefish Terrain Parks.
Rail Jam Venue – Lower Chair 3 area
Upper Division – Slopestyle – Central Park / 2nd Street Park to Lower Railyard
Lower Division – Slopestyle – Depot Park

Pre-registration $20 per event
Pre-register Online by midnight the Friday before the event. It’s cheaper for you and means you’ll be outside at registration in the cold a little less. You still gotta check to get your bib and be on time. Pre-registration closes at midnight the day before the event.

Day of Registration $30
9:30 – 10:30am Day of registration and Pre-reg bib pick up is at the registration shack located between the Events Office and Lower Ed’s Run.

All categories exist for both skiers and snowboarders.

Upper Division – Competing in Central Park and 2nd Avenue Parks on Slopestyle Sunday
(Intermediate to Advanced)

Grom Girls – Girls ages 8-13
Ladies – Ladies ages 14+

Groms – Boys ages 8-13
Teens – Boys ages 14-20
Open Class

Lower Division – Depot Park on Sunday Slopestyle
(for beginner or younger competitors)

Grom Girls – ages 8-12
Grom Boys – ages 8-12

We provide up to four judges for these competitions, each with years of terrain park riding and work experience. We base our scores on an overall impression of a combination of factors:

Degree of difficulty – How hard was that trick? Example – a backside 360 on a snowboard is not as difficult as a switch backside 360.
Amplitude – How big did they go? Example – more airtime is cooler. Duh.
Execution – Was it smooth? Did they ride away cleanly, no hands down, tight rotations, etc. Example – A smooth and clean 540 will most definately outscore a wack 720.
Variety – Multiple types of tricks. Example – the same rail slide the whole way down will not score as high as a run that approaches jibs differently with a variety of tricks.
Style – …was it kinda rad?
Point System – Each Slopestyle judge judges their area of the park to a total of 10 points. 4 judges would have a maximum score of 40. Each division would be judged across the same point scale. For the Rail Jam – Judges will evaluate riders in each division and a limited number will advance to the finals (based on overall participation numbers)
Segments – For the Slopestyle the park will be divided into multiple segments. No one person can see every landing and takeoff of each park feature for each competitor. That is why we divide the park equally (typically two on the jumps, and two in the lower garden) in an effort to equally judge all types of terrain park riding.

**All competitors must wear an approved helmet.**


February 15
February 16

Dates are subject to change.