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Zip Line + Ski Area = Ultimate Match

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When our skiing forefathers looked up at the big mountain rising above the town of Whitefish they saw an opportunity for fun in the winter. They imagined a ski area with runs, lifts and lodges where family and...

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Terrain Parks

Is sliding on more than 300 inches of snow on 3000 uncrowded acres not enough? The mission of the Fishbowl Terrain Parks is to provide a series of parks for any ability level in a fun learning environment. Whether it be super tiny jumps for first timers, big jumps and challenging rails for experts or racing your buddies on high speed berms on our custom built skiercross course, there has to be something for you.

We encourage you to start small and work your way up, that goes for terrain parks or anything else in life. We intend to have the parks fully open by late January and the Cross Course completed in late February. Keep an eye on the resort facebook page for regular park updates.

Here is a list of our parks, what you can expect, as well as a list of our rails, boxes and jibs:

Magic Park – Tiny Features- Big Easy Carpet / Base Lodge Area
Itsy bitsy features for lil’ groms. This park is for never-evers or those looking to be introduced to freestyle. It is located in the perfect place – on the Big Easy Carpet right outside our Base Lodge.

Depot Terrain Park – Smaller Features- Chair 3
The Depot Park offers smaller jumps and jibs and excellent learning terrain. The Depot offers a series of jumps and rail / box style features focusing on getting you ready for our larger Central Avenue Park.

Central Ave Park – Medium – Chair 3
This is our bread and butter park, with good flow through a jump line into our rail garden. Expect 3-5 jumps and a rail line focusing on Medium sized park features, multiple take-offs and a packed rail garden full of creative features will keep you shredding through the day.

Armory Park – Large – Char 3
This park is located right under Chair 3 and is intended for expert park riders. Larger jumps / rail features merge with the rail garden on lower Central Avenue for a great full chair run of fun. Construction begins after the New Year.

Goat Haunt Skier Cross / Boarder Cross Course – Goat Haunt/Ch 7
This is a blast. Starting after Christmas we will begin construction on a course comprised of banked turns, small jumps, rollers and other terrain features. It will continue to grow until mid March, when our Marquis event, THE NATE CHUTE, takes place. Of course, you should obey the skier code and inspect the course before giving her a go.

The Fishbowl Quiver
Here are all the jibs you will find in our parks. Of course we could set a tea cup at the top of a 40′ Volcano and it would be an ‘Expert’ Feature, so feature size doesn’t always dictate difficulty. Be sure to stay within your abilities. They will not all be out at once, but we are always shuffling the deck. In fact, you can expect something new every week.

Park Features

RAILS (25 Total)
  • 32′ Flat Down Flat Rail
  • 32′ Down Flat Down Rail
  • 32′ Battleship
  • 30′ Long Rail
  • 28′ Rainbow Double Rail
  • 22′ Flat Down Single Barrel
  • 20′ Flat Rail
  • 20′ Down Rail
  • 19′ S-Rail
  • 18′ Elbow
  • 16′ shotgun rail
  • 15′ Round Tube
  • 15′ Flat Bar 4
  • 15′ Flat Bar 3
  • 15′ Flat Bar 2
  • 15′ Flat Bar
  • 14′ Donkey Unit
  • 12′ Single Bar
  • 12′ Kink Rail
  • 10′ Up Rail
  • 9′ Battleship
  • 7′ Flat Bar 3
  • 7′ Flat Bar 2
  • 7′ Flat Bar 1
  • Mini A Frame
  • Medium A Frame
BOXES (14 Total)
  • Bleacher Box
  • Butter box
  • 8′ Beginner Funbox 2
  • 8′ Beginner Funbox
  • 21′ Swoop Box
  • 20′ T-box
  • 20′ Fun Box Trap
  • 20′ Fun Box
  • 20′ C-Box
  • 16′ Dance Floor
  • 16′ Beginner Funbox
  • 16′ Beginner Box
  • 15′ Dance Floor – 2′ High
  • 15′ Dance Floor – 1′ High
  • 14′ Railbow Box
  • Aluminum Culvert
  • Plastic Culvert
  • 22′ Hitching Post
  • Propane Tank 1
  • Propane Tank 2
  • Propane Tank 3
  • R2 Jib2 (small dome)
  • Spool
  • Crayon
  • Triple Stair Set
  • Wall Ride – 12′ x 16′
  • Wall Ride – 8’x12′
  • Tractor Tire 1
  • Tractor Tire 2
  • Tractor Tire 3

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