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At 2:00 am, local Whitefish time, the summit temp was: 40°F /4°C

0"/0cm 24hr freshies.


Low: 37°/3°C
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Zip Line + Ski Area = Ultimate Match

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When our skiing forefathers looked up at the big mountain rising above the town of Whitefish they saw an opportunity for fun in the winter. They imagined a ski area with runs, lifts and lodges where family and...

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Uphill Policy

It is your responsibility to read through the entire Uphill Travel Policy and study the Access Routes if you plan to travel uphill at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Whitefish Mountain Resort Uphill Traffic Policy

Please Note the Following Special Order from the US Forest Service:


This order is necessary to protect the personal safety of uphill users, downhill users, and WMR employees.


36 CFR 261.53(e) – Public health or safety – Within the permit area of Winter Sports, Inc. Permit number TAL01, for the protection of public safety, it is prohibited for any skier, hiker, or person otherwise, to be off the two approved routes or in areas closed as described here:

General (Year-round)

It is prohibited for any skier, hiker, or person otherwise, to approach within 100 feet of grooming machines, whether stationary or moving; or 50 feet of snowmaking equipment, to include but not limited to fan guns, high-pressure water lines, and high-voltage electrical cables, within the Whitefish Mountain Resort permit boundary. This Special Order is ALWAYS In Effect.

Season Regulations (WMR open ski season)


It is prohibited for any skier, hiker, or person otherwise, to traverse uphill off the two approved uphill routes and time periods described here:

Toni Matt Route

– Open 6 am to 4 pm This route follows the western edge of Toni Matt from the Lift Plaza to the Summit and is marked by 12″ red diamonds with an arrow and the word “UPHILL” printed on them.

East Route

– Open 9 am to 7 pm This route begins at the Base Lodge, crosses the bridge toward the Ski and Ride School and Clinic building and ascends lower Inspiration, Expressway, Moe-Mentum, and Fill Hill to the summit. It is marked by 12″ red diamonds with an arrow and the word “UPHILL” printed on them.


It is prohibited for any skier, or person otherwise, to be off the two approved downhill routes and time periods described here:

Toni Matt Route – Open for downhill 6 am to 9 am

East Route – Open for downhill 4 pm to 7 pm

Pre & Post Season Regulations (WMR closed ski season)

This is in effect for 14 days before and after the scheduled “Opening Day” or “Closing Day” of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

East Route – Open 8 am to 4 pm

Is the only approved route for uphill and downhill traffic.

There are no uphill or downhill route restrictions before 8 am and after 4 pm pre and post season.

LEGAL INFORMATION: Whitefish Mountain Resort is the holder of a Special Use Permit on U.S. Forest Service land in the Tally Lake Ranger District. That permit states that: “The Special Use Permit authorizes the resort to provide public opportunities for skiing and snowboarding and natural resource-based outdoor recreation in National Forest Settings … The lands within the special use permit boundary shall remain open to the public for all lawful purposes; except for any restrictions the resort and Forest Service agree to be necessary as documented in the Operating Plan … The resort is responsible for public health and risk management within the resort boundary.” All dogs at Whitefish Mountain Resort, including on Forest Service Land, must be leashed and controlled at all times, pursuant to Federal Regulation 36 CFR 261.53(e). During ski season, dogs are not permitted outside of parking areas at the resort.

The Uphill Skier’s Responsibility Code

Skiing (a term which includes snowboarding and all other forms of sliding on snow), whether uphill or downhill, involves inherent risks that cannot be eliminated. However, there are a few rules of conduct that can decrease the risk involved. When traveling within ski resort boundaries, follow the Skier’s Responsibility Code (printed on the back of all lift tickets and season passes, as well as on trail maps), and follow these additional guidelines for uphill travel:


  • Travel uphill only on the designated route, marked with red diamond-shaped signs.
  • Stay completely to the edge of ski trails; do not hike or stand in the middle of a ski trail.
  • Observe posted signs, warnings, and trail closures.
  • Be alert for & yield to downhill skiers.
  • Yield to and/or avoid all ski area machinery.


  • Stop in high-traffic zones, where you are likely to obstruct a trail, or where you are not visible to downhill traffic.
  • Hike, stand, or otherwise position more than two people side-by-side across the fall line.
  • Bring pets out of parking areas during ski season.

Thank you for your cooperation. We’ll see you on the hill.

— The Staff of Whitefish Mountain Resort

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