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Thank you for your interest in Whitefish Mountain Resort and welcome to our online Press Center, your source for the latest on what’s happening here and the other details about what makes us cool and fun.

My name is Christina Polumbus but everyone knows me as Riley. I’m the gal you need if you are working on a story about Whitefish Mountain Resort. I’m pretty fortunate because not only is this one of the best places I’ve ever worked, it’s one of the best mountains I’ve ever skied. It’s also beautiful and well-fortified with a passionate skiing community.

In this press center you can find the following seasonally contextual information:

  • What’s New
  • Quick facts
  • Current and archived press releases
  • Our Heritage
  • Story Ideas

Photos & Video:

Please feel free to browse our Image Gallery. Please let me know what photos you are interested in and the size required (high res or smaller for web). If you do not find what you need, please contact me and tell me what you are looking for as one of our local photographers may have an image that works for you.

Whitefish Mountain Resort also offers FTP & HTTP access to winter and summer video footage (a.k.a. B-Roll). Just let me know what you need.

My contact info:

Christina “Riley” Polumbus
PR Manager
Whitefish Mountain Resort
DESK – 406.862.1948
CELL – 406.871.8295

Media Visits

Whitefish Mountain Resort extends an invitation to reporters, editors, producers, filmmakers and photographers to come and experience firsthand our slice of paradise so you can tell your readers and viewers why they should check us out. Please bear in mind that although we are a “big” resort we are a small staff, and a PR department of one (1). The earlier I know about your plans to visit Whitefish Mountain Resort, the better I’ll be able to assist you.

Please send me a brief email or call and describe/discuss the details of your assignment: or 406-862-1948.

Assistance we are pleased to provide:

Lift tickets: If you are on assignment, Whitefish Mountain Resort is happy to provide complimentary lift tickets. If you are not on assignment, or if your company will not allow you to accept comps, we can provide you tickets at a media rate of $40 US. Either way please call or email me to make the arrangements. Complimentary and discounted lift tickets are issued only to media directly responsible for writing or producing a piece. I will work to fulfill all requests however 48-hour advanced notice is needed in order to process your request.

Lodging: Depending on your assignment, availability and advanced notice, I may be able to assist you with complimentary or discounted lodging during your visit.

Guidance: I am available before, during and after your visit to help you with the ideas you need to start and complete your assignment.

Thank you for your interest in Whitefish Mountain Resort. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and welcome you to our resort.


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