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At 5:00 am, local Whitefish time, the summit temp was: 22°F /-6°C

12"/31cm 24hr freshies.


High: 23°/-5°C
Chance Snow

South Summit

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Snow Report

Reported on Dec 21st, 2014:

Patrol: 406.862.2940

Summit (6,817ft/2,078m)     Printable Report  Winter Uphill Travel Policy  

Overnight Snow 12"/31cm
Settled Base 50"/127cm
Total to Date 94"/239cm
Temperature 22°F /-6°C
24hr Snow 12"/31cm
7 Day Snow 23"/59cm
Current Conditions Snowing
Visibility/Wind 200 Yards - 10-15 Sw

Lower Mountain (4,464ft/1,361m)

Overnight Snow 7"/18cm
Village Settled 30"/77cm
Total to Date 54"/138cm
Temperature 29°F/-2°C
24hr Snow 7"/18cm
7 Day Snow 13"/34cm
Current Conditions light snow
Visibility/Wind Good - Light

Open Runs


Night Skiing

Starts December 26

Terrain Parks

3 Jumps, 12Jib Features

Flathead Avalanche Center's current advisory

Deep thoughts by Erick**:

11:15am Wow what a fun day so far! This is exactly the kind of snow we needed to get. Big Mountain creamy goodness! Covering lots of things up and filling in! The visibility has been in and out this morning, and snow continues to fall at the Summit and Flower Point. The views in the Village of the valley were beautiful. It looks like more on the way today. With the entire Front Side of the mountain open, it seems like endless terrain options!

8:05am The visibility has been reduced as the temps have come up. Still have some light snow falling in the village, and lots of fresh turns to get! Hurry and get in line!

7:00am After a conference with Patrol, you can expect to see the new snowpack resemble more along the lines of 8 inches of new, as settling in the new snow has been occuring.. It is still going to ski super well. Confidence is high for a fun factor of 11 today!

6:00am A day bettrer than Christmas!! 12 inches new overnight at the Summit AND today the Front of the mountain will open! Thats right! All the goods you've been waiting for!

Yesterday Patrol opened the lower Toni Matt area in the afternoon, and the skiing was great. Today we get it all!

As you charge into all the newly opened terrain, please ride with care as early season conditions still prevail, however, that should nothing to lessen your magnitude of smiles!

The Grooming team has been working all night trying to keep up with Mother Natures terms of engagment, and have been grooming all over the mountain. However, It has been snowing hard, so there is a predominant cover of powder snow almost everywhere.

Deep, White, Montana goodness!

Yeee-Haaaw!!!!! The day we have all been waiting for all season!

For the most "corduroy like" grooming conditions this morning, I would Check out Whitetail, Caribou, and Goat Haunt, as they will most likely have the most recent corduroy coverage. Otherwise it looks like we are in for some powder skiing today!

It looks like it may warm up a bit this morning, and perhaps get a bit wet, and then cool off again, so come up for your freshies early and see what happens. More snow is expected throught the day, before and after, and most likely during, the brief warm up. Overall it seem like a stellar day is upon us!

You do not want to miss this day!

A day better than Christmas!! So Stoked!

Ski ya out there!


*Please Obey all Ski Patrol Closures*

**This snow report is one person's subjective assessment of conditions at a single moment in time. The actual statistics of this report are input by 6am each day with various "story" updates throughout the morning. Always check with Ski Patrol if you need more information before you decide where you're going.

Groomed Runs

Chair 1 - Big Mountain Express

 1000 Turns
 Bench Run
 Big Ravine
 Cal's Country
 Don's Descent
 East Rim
 East Rim Face
 Easy Out
 Elephant's Graveyard
 Evan's Heaven
 Fault 2
 Fault 3
 First Creek
 Good Medicine
 Haskill Slide
 Lee's Way
 Middle Fork
 Moe Mentum
 Movie Land
 No Name
 North Face Bowl
 Over the Hill Gang
 Powder Bowl
 Ptarmigan Bowl
 Russ's Street
 Schmidt's Chute
 Snow Making Ponds
 Toni Matt
Chair 2 - Swift Creek Express

 Ed's Run
 Home Again
 Mully's Moguls
 Ranger Trail
 Swift Creek
 Wood Lot
Chair 3 - Tenderfoot

 Alpinglow Alley
 Central Avenue
 Hope Slope
 Ski Way
 The Depot
Chair 4 - Great Northern

 Friends of Langley
 Heep Steep
 Hogan's East
 Little Bavaria
 Powder Trap
 Three Stooges
Chair 5 - Glacier View

 Big Face
 Upper Langley
Chair 6 - Base Lodge

 Huckleberry Patch
 Powder Puff
Chair 7 - Big Creek Express

 Big Horn
 Black Bear
 George's Gorge
 Goat Haunt
 Gray Wolf
Chair 8 - Hellroaring

 Connie's Coulee
 Glory Hole
 Gray's Golf Course
 Hell Fire
 Highway to Heaven
 Picture Chutes
 Sling Shot
 The Back 9
Chair 9 - Easy Rider

 Lower Inspiration
 Over Easy
 Under Easy
Chair 10 - Bad Rock

 Bad Rock
Chair 11 - Flower Point

 Big Creek
 Hidden Meadow
 Inside Road
 North Fork
 One Grand Parade
 Outside Road
 Ridge Run
 Whiskey Spring
Bigfoot T-Bar 2

 Lodi Ridge
 Trapper's Trail
Big Easy Carpet

 Big Easy Carpet Area

Open Lifts

 Chair 1 - Big Mountain Express (9:30am-4:00pm)
 Chair 2 - Swift Creek Express (9:00am-4:00pm)
 Chair 3 - Tenderfoot (9:00am-4:00pm)
 Chair 6 - Base Lodge (9:00am-4:30pm)
 Chair 7 - Big Creek Express (10:00am-3:30pm)
 Chair 9 - Easy Rider (9:00am-4:00pm)
 Chair 11 - Flower Point (10:00am-3:15pm)
 Bigfoot T-Bar 2 (10:00am-3:15pm)
 Big Easy Carpet (9:00am-4:00pm)

Treewell Safety

Skiing and snowboarding off the groomed runs and in deep powder snow is one of the most exciting and appealing parts of our sport. If you decide to leave the groomed trails, you are voluntarily accepting the risk of falling into tree wells or deep snow and suffocating.

A deep snow or tree well accident occurs when a rider or skier falls into an area of deep unconsolidated snow and becomes immobilized. The more the person struggles, the more entrapped in the snow they become. Deaths resulting from these kinds of accidents are referred to as a NARSID or Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death. Fortunately, these types of accidents are preventable.

1. Avoid Deep Snow & Tree Areas
2. Always Ski with a Partner and Keep Your Partner in Sight
3. Ski & Ride in Control and Defensively
4. Have a Plan to Survive

This abbreviated information is from http://www.deepsnowsafety.org. Please visit their website to learn more about tree well safety.

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