1983/84 Trail Map

High-Five for a “New” Lift

High-Five for a “New” Lift Like a veteran athlete coming out of retirement to help the team, Chair 5 will be back in the lineup next season. Once a key player for the mountain, Chair 5 will be reassigned to a new position on our mountain’s chairlift squad—it’s moving from […]

Top 10 Things TO DO Before Winter Ends

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: An epidemic of spring fever is quickly spreading across the valley due to early snow melt, sun and above average temperatures. Several mild cases have been reported as well as a handful of victims in serious condition. It is important to note while this fever is highly […]

Have a “Nice Day”

If you’ve skied in the Chair 2 area this winter, or taken a good look at our 2015-16 trail map, you may have noticed that one of our trail names has changed. What used to be Slalom is now Nice Day.  Did you know… before it was Slalom it was Hellroaring […]