What’s New 2019/20

What’s New for 2019/20 at Whitefish Mountain Resort

New Snow Stake Cam

As the storms roll in, guests from near and far will be able to watch the snow pile up at the summit on the new snow stake webcam. This camera, in addition to our other webcams including the summit Panocam (new last year) can be found on skiwhitefish.com/webcams.

Parking Status Sign

Located at the top of Big Mountain Road, an LED parking lot status sign will assist guests on powder days, weekends and holidays to help get them to the slopes more quickly. As lots fill up, the new sign will help direct guests to lots where parking is available. Maps and the names of lots are online at skiwhitefish.com/parking.

Breakfast and Extended Hours at Ed & Mully’s

For those who like to get on the mountain early and find their parking spot, or take one of the early rides on the S.N.O.W. Bus, this winter Ed & Mully’s will be serving breakfast five days a week (Thursday-Monday) giving guests an option in the village (breakfast will still be served at the Base Lodge). Additionally Ed & Mully’s will serve food until 8:30 p.m. during night skiing.

Lift Status Sign

To complement groomed run status signs at the summit, the resort will install a new LED lift status sign in the Lift Plaza to give guests up-to-the-minute reports on open lifts as well as time and temperature.

Expanded Snowmaking

Three TechnoAlpin snow guns were purchased to enhance the resort’s snowmaking capabilities, as well as one new snowmaking station.

Slope & Lift Improvements

The resort completed several regrading projects in several areas around the mountain to remove “negative grades” including the area in the middle of MoeMentum as well as the tail end of Inside Road as it approaches the intersection with Big Creek run. Additional modifications were made around the mountain in areas where trails merge to improve visibility and create more space for merging.

Chair 3/Tenderfoot, that services both beginner terrain in the village as well as the Whitefish Terrain Parks, will feature new restraint bars.

Future Projects

Whitefish Mountain Resort has several capital improvement projects planned in the coming years pending approval. More information about these projects can be found on skiwhitefish.com/upgrades.