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Whitefish Mountain Resort

We welcome skiers and riders who are seeking a mountain that is uncrowded, beautiful and affordable. Rising above the town of Whitefish, Whitefish Mountain Resort charms its guests with a friendly fun-loving vibe, variety of terrain, and virtually no lift lines. Whitefish is the quintessential skier’s mountain averaging more than 300 inches of snow annually on 3,000 acres of bowls, chutes, and glades on all aspects.


Winter 2017/18

We’re on track for another record season of snow this winter. With 251 inches of snow and counting, Whitefish Mountain Resort is currently #1 in the Rockies, #3 in the United States, and #7 for snow in North America. If you’ve been waiting to check out Whitefish… wait no longer. Check out these Winter 2017/18 videos to see why.


Winter 2016/17

A playlist of featured videos from our Winter 2016/17 season — a standout with 407″ of snowfall! If you’re a grizzled Big Mountain veteran, we thank you for your support and keep up those snow dances again for another great season. If you’ve never been to Whitefish Mountain Resort… what are you waiting for? Now is the time.


Fish Faces – The People of Whitefish Mountain Resort

There’s a distinct feeling in Whitefish—a sense of belonging visitors experience that stems from friendliness of our community. This natural, easy-going atmosphere is a way of life for locals who happily welcome visitors from around the world and share good times at Whitefish Mountain Resort and Whitefish, Montana. This series of videos profile a few of our local characters and what it is about this place that makes them so happy living here.


Quietly Selling Something Quite Different

In December 1962 Sports Illustrated published a feature story about the emergence of ski areas in the west, and writer Ezra Bowen introduced Whitefish in contrast to other resorts, “While Alpine Meadows and Vail talk millions, Big Mountain, Mont. is quietly selling something quite different.” He wrote that in addition to its scenic slopes and reliable snow, Whitefish had an aura of belonging, friendliness and good cheer. The same holds true today.


Whitefish Bike Park

You know the feeling– the state of being completely immersed in the moment. As a mountain biker, it’s a connection to the trail as if your bike is an extension of yourself. Rolling over features, plunging through berms, catching air and landing like a feather. The Whitefish Bike Park is known for its flow. A feeling that begins as you approach the mountain, elevates as you ride the lift and culminates as you descend lap after lap.


Vintage Videos

These four vintage films have been converted from their original 16 millimeter form to digital for your viewing pleasure. Big Mountain of Fun, made in partnership with the Great Northern Railway, was produced by Empire Photosound, Inc, and directed by Richard Jamieson in the early 1960s. The film features a classic girl meets boy at a ski area story. Yes the mountain is ours, yes the girl came by train, yes the boy was a ski instructor. Cool Winter, Mountain Standard Time and I am the Mountain were produced and directed by Jim Rice, Big Mountain’s first official videographer. Fun fact: Jim Rice also tended bar at the Bierstube, and as one might expect, Jim knew a lot of skiers and heard a lot of stories.


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