Have a “Nice Day”

If you’ve skied in the Chair 2 area this winter, or taken a good look at our 2015-16 trail map, you may have noticed that one of our trail names has changed. What used to be Slalom is now Nice Day

Nice Day - Whitefish Mountain Resort

Did you know… before it was Slalom it was Hellroaring Slalom, and before that it was New Hellroaring

You’re probably wondering how we made the jump from Slalom to Nice Day. The run is named after Martin Hale, a skier who grew up on the slopes of Big Mountain, and was in the first class of inductees into the Flathead Valley Ski Heritage Center’s Hall of Fame in 2013. Hale was a ski racer who won the national junior championship in 1955 and had Olympic aspirations until he broke his back in a training run at Sun Valley. He returned home and ran the ski school and ski shop at Big Mountain from 1953 to 1956. 

Martin Hale - Whitefish Mountain Resort

When Hale was asked by the Flathead Valley Ski Heritage Foundation about having a run named after him, he modestly shied away from the idea of having his name for a run. After he left the room, the group looked at each other and asked, “Well, what are we going to name it then?” 

Hale was known on the mountain for his unique way of greeting people. Instead of saying, “Hi, how are you?” He’d say, “Nice Day!” And so, it was decided that Nice Day was a fitting name change for Slalom, the run on which we host ski racing competitions today. 

Like any change, the new run name may take some getting used to. But we’re certain that with time you’ll all be saying “Have a Nice Day!” with a smile before heading down the slope. 

There will be a dedication for the run on March 18, and a plaque explaining the new name is in the works.