Forecast for Winter 2020/21

Every year we ask the question, “What will it be like this winter?” and what we really mean is what kind of snow will we get? What is the forecast—will it be a good snow year? The truth is, although long-range forecasts get us stoked for ski season, they are just that, a prediction. The truth is no one knows for sure.

One forecast we do know: we will be skiing this winter.

Skiing and snowboarding are outdoor activities and we can do that! We can say that situations in which people gather will need to be a little different. Discussions are taking place, and the resort will adapt as needed to ensure that we can ski and snowboard while maintaining protocols to protect our employees and guests.

Currently these discussions are centered primarily on the need to limit the number of people inside our facilities to ensure social distancing and yes, masks will be required. We feel we can reasonably say that we are going to ask a lot of our guests to be respectful of space limitations and the needs of others along with their own. People will be encouraged to limit time spent inside out of respect for others needs in addition to their own. We are looking into expanding outdoor seating where possible as well as alternative food offerings. Outdoor operations (lift lines, etc.) should be less impacted though there will likely be some new and different things and we are going to ask for everyone to respect outdoor changes as well. As things become clearer, we will continue to update everyone.

As you know, back in May we announced 2020/21 Season Pass pricing, and the new refund policy allowing you to get a full refund—no questions asked—so long as you request it before Opening Day (December 10, 2020). We also want you to feel that if we get the season started, and things change again, you will have assurance you will be taken care of. 

To that end we are going to guarantee 100 days of skiing. We will offer a prorated credit toward a 2021/22 season pass for lost operating days due to a mandated closure or a stay at home order related to COVID-19. The 100-day guarantee begins on December 10, 2020. Credit is based on the purchase price of your pass. Lost operating days applied to the guarantee are closures due to a mandated shut down, stay-at-home order, or unforeseen circumstances (i.e. – a pandemic or COVID) and not due to weather, mechanical or electrical issues. That said, we all hope that it will not come to that.

The late great Warren Miller used to say that skiing is all about freedom. After a few strange months of having limits put on what we do and how we can do it, the freedom to ski and snowboard on our favorite mountain is going to feel better than ever. However, if we are to make it work, to keep everyone safe, and be able to stay open it will take everyone’s cooperation. It will take patience and flexibility. It will take more than just an average dose of camaraderie (of which we have an abundance!); this season will require civility and respect.

Our skiing community is full of characters, character in general, passion, and grit. We can, and we will, have another ski season on THE BIG, if we come together in solidarity to do what we love to do, with a commitment to respect one another.

Along with the long-range prediction of a La Niña winter, with the hope for above average snowfall, we also predict there will be a lot of new protocols to learn and get used to, with the hope we can do it with everyone’s desire for freedom in mind, and a Commitment to Respect.

For more information on Winter 2020/21 Season Passes or to purchase your pass please go to our Season Passes page.