Commitment to Character – Eric “Eroc” Kanter

Eric “Eroc” Kanter
Bartender, MC, Rad Dad

Back in 2006, Eroc pursued his love for snowboarding and decided to move to Whitefish for a season. Well, we all know how that goes! Thirteen years later he has a family and owns a home in town. Bartending at the Craggy Range and performing in a rap group gave him the opportunity to get to know our community as well as anyone. Nowadays, you can find Eroc serving up delicious beers at Bonsai, his friend Graham Hart’s brewery, and on stage with funk band 20 Grand, a local favorite. He’s still snowboarding 5-6 days a week, often with his son who seems to have the same passion for riding a board that he does. Eroc’s wife, Kate Berry, is another prominent figure in our community and has worked in the nonprofit community for years. She’s currently on the board for the Nate Chute foundation and the Whitefish Housing Authority. Eroc says he “truly loves this community and what it represents- good natured, passionate, outdoor enthusiasts who care and come together for one another.” #CommitmentToCharacter #SkiWhitefish #RadDad