Commitment to Character – Dennise Turner

Dennise Turner
Most Colorful Lifty

One of the most familiar faces on the mountain belongs to Dennise. You can’t miss the bright tutu anytime the sun is shining and she’s got a real knack for keeping everyone “in-line” with her quick wit and humor. Dennise grew up in Oregon with her brother, Wally, and Syd, our Lift Operations Manager. Wally and Syd moved to Whitefish from Bend in the late 70’s and after visiting for years, Dennise finally made the move in 1989. Wally had secured her a job at The Bierstube before she even arrived in town and she ended up working there for the next 15 years. She enjoys working outside, spending summers working road construction, and was eventually convinced by friends to spend her winters in the lifts department. She joined the team in 2003 and was lucky enough to have been trained by the “Quadfather”, Bob Abrams, who taught her everything she knows. Her favorite part about being a lifty? Getting to know locals, meeting visitors, and giving people a hard time all in good fun. #SkiWhitefish #CommitmentToCharacter #LiftOps