Commitment to Character – Butt-Flap

A Ski Bum’s Best Friend

The Butt-Flap (aka Beavertail) is a common sight here in Whitefish and, while they have spread to other Montana ski areas, some might be surprised to discover that they were actually invented by one of our very own Ski Patrollers! Kerry Crittenden worked on Ski Patrol for 17 years and is credited as the inventor of the Butt-Flap. A skilled hobbyist, Kerry still does a lot of work around the resort, from sewing tower pads to the zippers on patroller’s jackets. Nowadays, it’s hard to say if the beavertail is more fashion or function, but they can be found draped from the backsides of a variety of skiers from the champions of vertical feet skied to our very own CEO. Less common, however, is the elusive double Butt-Flap, pictured here. #CommitmentToCharacter #SkiWhitefish #ButtFlap #Beavertail