Commitment to Character – Avalanche Dogs

Avalanche Dogs
Certified Ski Pawtrollers

It’s not only fun to have dogs around, these canines are an integral part of the ski patrol team. Dogs are much more efficient than humans when it comes to covering ground over avalanche debris and locating a buried person. They can clear an acre-by-acre parcel in as little as 20 minutes while it would take a crew of 40-50 people roughly four hours! Jett has been a part of the team for a few years now and Cleo is in training for her second year. For most avalanche dogs, it takes about two years to become certified and Cleo will be tested for certification this winter. We hope the dogs never have to be put to work in a real avalanche scenario, but even if they don’t have any opportunities to search on an actual burial, they are an excellent tool to raise avalanche awareness on a daily basis. Everybody loves dogs and they’re a great conversation piece and education component to have on the mountain! #CommitmentToCharacter #AvyDogs #SkiWhitefish