Chipmunks aren’t the only ones underground

If you’re one of the eager snow fans watching the webcams this fall, you may be puzzled by the digging going on under Chair 6 on the Base Lodge Cam. This fall we’ve been in the process of replacing pipe for our snowmaking system. Over the course of several weeks we’ve dug a trench to the old pipe, removed it and replaced it with new pipe. This week we’ve been finishing up the project with testing.
Whitefish Mountain Resort snowmaking
The ingredients for snowmaking are water, power and cold temperatures. This pipe carries water to our hydrants from which we hook up hoses to our snowmaking machines. As we close in on Opening Day (December 7th) when the temperature is right (below 32 degrees) we will start making snow.

Chipmunk (the run featured in the Base Lodge webcam under Chair 6) is one of our busiest locations for making snow. That’s because it is a high traffic area (for getting to the Base Lodge) it’s one of our popular beginner runs and it’s at a lower elevation. We will make snow in piles (we call them whales) which will be plowed flat by our grooming machines.

Stay tuned to our Base Lodge webcam for progress!