Commitment to Character

Since 1947 we have been about good times, great people, and deep snow. Whitefish is a place where people come to escape the city, and crowded slopes. A place where locals welcome out-of-town visitors as they do their own neighbors. Here skiing is more than great terrain and snow, it’s also about making sure everyone has a good time. It comes naturally here. In a world of merging resorts and passes for the masses, we are very content to remain blissfully independent. We believe in a commitment to character. Preserving our mountain, our town and all the colorful characters, who make this an easy-going place where you can be yourself, because here: character is encouraged.

Chester Powell
Director of Mountain Operations

Chester, or Chet as he’s known around here, has worked for us since the winter of 1976/77 and been a part of countless projects and improvements. From the North Bowl to Big Ravine and the backside to Hellroaring Basin, Chet has helped to expand our skiable terrain from minimal frontside access to the 3,000 acres we enjoy today. What has kept him around? Aside from the skiing, it’s the abundant year-round recreational opportunities and the variety of his day-to-day work. But most of all, he says it’s the people. #CommitmentToCharacter #SkiWhitefish

The Bierstube
Canada’s Favorite Ski Bar

The Bierstube, or the ‘Stube as it’s affectionately known around here, was the first watering hole on Big Mountain. A favorite amongst locals and visitors alike, the ‘Stube claimed the title of “Canada’s favorite ski bar” in a contest hosted by a Calgary radio station back in the ‘80s. It is home to the weekly Frabert awards, our longest standing tradition, the annual Pray For Snow party, live music, and a list of debauchery too long to recount. Its rich history and the colorful folks that have contributed to the bar’s legacy have earned the ‘Stube a spot on the list of characters we’re paying tribute to this winter. If you’re visiting for the first time, definitely stop by for a beer and make sure to ask a bartender for a souvenir ring!

Stacey Bengston
Ski Instructor

This mountain got in my blood. I didn’t want to leave it”. Stacey Bengston took her first trip to Whitefish by train in 1973, and the rest is history. She has been teaching people how to ski here for 43 years, has a family of her own, and is now teaching the children of some of her first ski students. Looking back on that first visit, she remembers that “Right away I was just content and so happy. I’m still happy.

Coming soon…
Fog Balls

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