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At 10:00 pm, local Whitefish time, the summit temp was: 50°F /10°C

0"/0cm 24hr freshies.


Low: 45°/7°C
Showers Likely

South Summit

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06/19: Pass Holder Appreciation Day
06/20: Opening Day

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Taking the Summit to New Heights

We are a few days away from saying goodbye to the 2014/15 season, one that we’ll remember as having more sunny days than stormy days. We are grateful for our long, flowing groomers and give high-praise to the crew who kept the snow in good...

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Trail Report

Reported on May 4th, 2015 at 03:21AM by Josh*

Patrol: 406.862.2940

Summer is Coming, Summer is Coming

Oh boy.

Long and prolonged spring conditions have set us up to have a season in the bike park that is going to be finer than frog hair. In ten years of managing this bike park, I have never seen so little snow mid-May. Chair two has been accessible for weeks, with only a couple of snow patches near the top. Typical snow shoveling projects are being replaced with more tangible improvements that make riding better instead of just making trails accessible. There have already been small projects done on Cyndi's and the drop park, drainages have been cleared, signs are going up, downed trees are being taken care of and project lists are getting long enough to burn a wet mule.

-----Please note though trails may be accessible, please ride with extreme caution due to early seaon conditions, trail projects, possible blowdown, vehicles or other hazards.-----

We are also conducting a survey about our bike park. If you have ridden it, please let us know what you think by clicking HERE.

KASHMIR was chosen by IMBA as one of the TOP 4 MODEL FLOW TRAILS in THE WORLD for 2014!!! Read the official Press Release and check out IMBA's list HERE.

The Whitefish Mountain Resort Bike Park was voted the Best in the Mountain West, and 3rd Best Bike Park in the NW in 2013!!


Danny On OPEN Bottom 2 miles open/clear of snow, with a couple of trees down.
Flower Point Loop CLOSED Closed until further notice due to lift projects, sawyer work, and road construction during the Flower Point Expansion.
East Rim Loop CLOSED Deep deep deep deep snow...



Go Fish – Green Circle


Good XC or warm up run

Elk’s Club XC– Green Circle CLOSED


Gravy Train – Green Circle CLOSED XC - No lift access
The Summit Trail – Blue Square CLOSED 8 miles of awesome views and trail
Gopher XC– Blue Square CLOSED XC - No lift access
Microclimate XC– Blue Square CLOSED XC - No lift access. It's in its own world.
Arnica Ridge XC– Blue Square CLOSED XC - No lift access. New Climb in progress
Borealis XC– Blue Square CLOSED XC
Sidecar – Blue Square CLOSED Next step up from the Summit Trail
The Shire CLOSED Closed for the Season. Thanks for gettin rad
Wolverine XC– Black Diamond CLOSED XC - Downhill only
Final Countdown – Black Diamond CLOSED
Overflow – Black Diamond CLOSED New lines in the table tops!!
Root Canal – Black Diamond CLOSED Old School DH
Dave’s Dive - Black Diamond CLOSED Short and steep
Cyndi’s Loppers- Black Diamond CLOSED Tech Trail with ladders, bridges, and drops.
Kashmir - Black Diamond CLOSED Flagship flow trail
Freebird – Black Diamond CLOSED All out jump trail.
Runaway Train – Black Diamond


Rock drops, berms, jumps, tech-This trail has it all.
Curly’s – Double Black Diamond CLOSED Brushy DH trail. It's like a time machine!
GNR – Double Black Diamond CLOSED Gnarly old school drops
Classic Rock – Double Black Diamond CLOSED Rock Gardens and step downs!

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