General Information

This demolition derby on skis is a non-pyrotechnic fireworks meets a 50-car pileup, and it’s just plain fun. It’s highly spectator friendly and no living beings are at risk! Plus the winner takes home a cash purse of $500. Before the antics, stop by the Winter Brewfest and sample craft beers from around the region. Proceeds fund the free S.N.O.W. Bus.

Presented by Great Northern Brewing Company.


WHO:Spectators and Dummy Builders

WHAT:Dummies flying through the air


WHERE:Upper Village

Participant Information

**Even if you have pre-registered, you MUST come to the registration window on the day of the event between 11am-12pm**

Upper Village at the bottom of Ed's Run. You can't miss thecolossal jump!

Preregistration is available anytime until the day of the event.
11am - 12pm at the events office in the upper village.
Dummies must be brought to the upper village parking area (near Hellroaring Saloon) by 1pm the day of the event (You must park elsewhere after dropping off your dummy creation). Brewfest will be going on in the same location, so you will need to be able to drag your Dummy a short way across the parking lot.
You may register your dummy there, where it must past inspection for the rules below. All dummies will be judged on their creativity and originality.
The event is limited to 50 participants.
Participants under 18 yrs of age must have a parent or guardian sign a liability waiver. No exceptions. Please print the Registration and Liability Waiver posted here and bring it with you.

Free to Enter!!!
$50 Refundable Deposit for Dummy Clean up. (Bring a check, it's easiest) Clean it up, and get your deposit back!

You can also drop off dummies before the event, please call 862.2910 to arrange drop off.

11:00am -12:00pm - Registration and Dummy drop off at Event Office in the Upper Village.
1:30pm - Dummy Must be at Registration
2:00pm - Dummy Judging
4:00pm - All participants at start
4:30pm - Start
Awards - 30 minutes after final Dummy at the event venue.

Dummy Rules

• Build a homemade Dummy / mannequin / humanoid / sculpture on skis or snowboards.

• Each Dummy should be able to slide unassisted down a fall line course.

• Each entry must weigh under 300lbs, including skis and all. If snow conditions dictate, we may have to take your dummy apart and have you reassemble it at the top of the course.

• Build your entry from safe materials. - no glass, nails, toxic materials...

• The Dummy can not be (or ever have been) live or breathing.

• The Dummy must be securely mounted on skis or snowboard(s).

If you are not certain if your dummy idea meets these guidelines - call to make sure (862.2910).

$500 CASH PRIZE to the overall winner!
1st Place Dummy Champion: ranked on ½ originality / creativity for your dummy, ½ jump distance

Wacky Trophies to the following category winners
Dummy Democracy: Crowd Favorite Dummy, often goes to the best crash
Dummy Date: Sexiest Dummy (subject to harsh censorship)
Dummy Dump: Biggest splash (from inside your dummy)
Dummy Drunk: Best Beer-themed Dummy. It is Brewfest today you know.
Dummy Ace: Best idea for a Dummy

It is no fun if your dummy can’t make it over the jump. Here are some suggestions from the experts:
- Heavy – the weight limit is 300lbs (including water or other weight for fun).
- Low – the weight needs to be low so it doesn't tip over as it nears the jump
- Base – have a sturdy and stable base. It should be at least 4’ square (but not more than 8’ wide). The base should provide about 6” clearance so it can go over snow. Screw into base of skis/snowboards up into the base. Don’t try ski boots, just screw the skis to a base.
- Forward – just like ski instructors say, pressure forward. For your dummy, make sure the weight is towards the front so he does not spin down the in run and crash before hitting the jump.
- Aerodynamic – to keep some speed into the jump.

Event Phone Number: 406.862.2910

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