Privacy Policy

In the course of interacting with customers and people who visit our internet sites, it is sometimes necessary for us to collect personal information. Other times we may ask that you voluntarily provide us with information so that we may better serve your needs. You are not required to provide any information requested other than that which we require in order to purchase goods and services from us.

If Winter Sports, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries ever collects any personal information from you, that information will never be sold, rented, donated, traded, or otherwise disclosed to any other individual or entity for any reason other than specified in this privacy policy and as required by law.

In the event that we do collect personal information from you, you will be given the option of whether or not you wish to receive future communications from us that we think may be of interest to you. If you do desire to receive future communications they will be from us and only us. Winter Sports, Inc. does not generally use third-party vendors to conduct marketing or informational communications, but in the case that we do choose to do so, the third-party vendor will be subject to the same strict privacy policies as are set forth in this policy. Any third-party vendors will be required to use any information provided to them by Winter Sports, Inc. solely for the purposes set forth by Winter Sports, Inc. Third-party vendors, if used, will be prohibited from disclosing, in any way, any information provided to them by Winter Sports, Inc.

Any financial and personal information transmitted to us over the internet in the course of purchasing goods or services from us is protected by SSL encryption and a signed SSL certificate. We take precautions to store all personal and financial information collected by us safely and securely and to limit access to any personal information collected by us to only those persons necessary to conduct the activities allowed by this privacy policy.

In short, your information is your own, and when you entrust us with it in order to purchase goods and services from us, or correspond with us, we take that responsibility very seriously.

– The Staff of Whitefish Mountain Resort