Huckleberry Picking Updates

Whitefish Mountain Resort is one of the most prolific and easy to access destinations for huckleberry picking in the northwest. Once the berries start showing up this summer, check here for updates on where to find the purple gold.

What to bring with you huckleberry picking:

  • Container(s) in which to carry your huckleberries
  • Water & snacks (at altitude it’s important to be well hydrated and fed)
  • Sunscreen & rain gear (you know what they say about the weather, “Wait 15 minutes it will change”)
  • Bear spray (if you are picking hucks you are by definition in bear country)
  • A friend (someone you can chat with and help keep the bears aware of your presence)


Friday, July 21, 2017

We are starting to see smaller berries on the lower sections of the Danny On Trail, “More of a handful than a bucket,” according to Forest Ranger Laurie Lapan from the Summit Nature Center. That means the best picking is going to be on lower part of the mountain. Try hunting on the multi-use trails such as Van Hagar and Speedwagon, or below the Base Lodge near the pond.

*** Attention Huckleberry Pickers: Remember, there is absolutely NO hiking allowed on our Bike Park trails at any time of day. Please stay off of the Bike Park trails, and be cautious when crossing over trails. Downhill mountain bikers can approach at very high speeds and may not be able to stop in time.