Huckleberry Picking Updates

Whitefish Mountain Resort is one of the most prolific and easy to access destinations for huckleberry picking in the northwest. Once the berries start showing up this summer, check here for updates on where to find the purple gold.

What to bring with you huckleberry picking:

  • Container(s) in which to carry your huckleberries
  • Water & snacks (at altitude it’s important to be well hydrated and fed)
  • Sunscreen & rain gear (you know what they say about the weather, “Wait 15 minutes it will change”)
  • Bear spray (if you are picking hucks you are by definition in bear country)
  • A friend (someone you can chat with and help keep the bears aware of your presence)


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Satellite imagery is no help for finding huckleberries, nor is the chairlift for that matter—they are too small to be detected from above and like to hide under the leaves! Luckily we have a crack team of huck-finding agents who report that there are good ones in the Ptarmigan Bowl (pickers, please stay off bike trails), as well as on the re-route section of the Danny On Trail (a.k.a. Russ’s Street between Moe-Mentum and T-Bar 2).

The berries are showing up near the summit, however as of today they are pretty small. Remember huckleberries grow at lower elevations first and then ripen at higher elevations later in the summer. You can pick those little ones up high if you want, or try mid-mountain and up for the more mature crop. Happy picking!