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At 9:00 am, local Whitefish time, the summit temp was: 35°F /2°C

0"/0cm 24hr freshies.


High: 45°/7°C
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01/28: Wednesday Night Race League
01/30: USSA Alpine Ski Race
01/31: Moonlight Dine & Ski

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National Safety Month

Every year I spend on skis I am reminded of how lucky I am. I know that I am very fortunate to live where I can be so close to a mountain and be healthy...

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3 days of skiing & 3 nights lodging in a Morning Eagle Deluxe Ski-in/out condo utilizing the January White Sale is: $104 per person, per day/night*

*Based on 4 people in a 2 bedroom condo which means if you want to bring 6 people you save even more. Rate does not include taxes, fees & other restrictions may apply. Also, that $104 is a whopping $1 more than a one day ticket at the window down south at our neighbor resort, Big Sky. Promo code: PAULROCKS

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Resort Improvements

Current Projects

Flower Point Project

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Whitefish Mountain Resort will complete its two-year $1.29 million Flower Point Project by installing a fixed-grip triple chairlift to the north side of the mountain for the 2014/2015 season. This will open up access to new runs and glading from the top of Flower Point creating an additional 200 acres of lift-served terrain and will provide more dependable conditions early and late season on its north-facing slopes.
The Flower Point Project added four new runs for winter 2013/2014, and with the addition of the chairlift four more runs will greet skiers and snowboarders this coming season. Flower Point is so named for the wildflower-covered alpine meadow on its peak and offers a spectacular view of the North Fork area in Glacier National Park. In tribute to this national treasure, most runs are named after locales in the national park: North Fork, Whiskey Spring, Big Creek, Inside Road, Outside Road, and Hidden Meadow. An additional run, Ridge Run, will run along the northeast boundary of the resort. The lift will also provide access to a sixth new run yet to be named on the south side of Flower Point.

Download the PDF or view a map of this proposed expansion in the slideshow above. Click to enlarge.

Base Lodge Expansion Project

An additional 100 seats were added with the 1,200-foot addition to the Base Lodge last summer. In April 2014 construction began on a half-million dollar renovation which will take place this this summer and fall. Several projects which will include an expansion of the food court area, and an additional cashier station which will improve the efficiency and flow as well as provide new food stations creating more options for guests. Additionally the Coffee Bar will be relocated and offer guests window access from the outside patio area and a new seating area will provide indoor seating for customers as well as overflow seating for the Base Lodge Cafe.

Future Projects

East Rim Lift

In 2009 Whitefish Mountain Resort submitted an addendum to the Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain Master Plan to the US Forest Service proposing a new multi-phase plan for lifts that would provide additional uphill capacity out of the Base Lodge, reduce congestion on Chair 1, and spread skiers more across the mountain. These projects were approved by the USFS in early 2011.

Phase 1: Base Lodge Lift

Completed for the 2011/2012 winter season, the installation of a base lodge lift (Bad Rock) alleviates congestion at Chair 6 and provides access to Chair 4. The chair also is included in summer operations providing uphill service for zip line tours and could be used for access to future mountain bike trails. This lift is located on resort property, not Forest Service land.

Phase 2: Move Chair 5 to the East Rim area.

The East Rim area encompasses approximately 200 acres of intermediate and advanced terrain including runs, chutes, trees and bowls. Currently there is no direct lift access to the East Rim; it is skied to by using Chair 1 and descending Fill Hill (Ant Hill). Once skiers exit the area they must take a long traverse back to the lifts. Chair 5 is rarely used (only on high volume days) because Chair 1 provides access to the same terrain. Moving Chair 5 would allow an underutilized lift to create improved access to the East Rim. The bottom of the lift would be placed near the intersection of Moe-Mentum and Russ’s Street runs. The top terminal would be located on the knob to the east of the top of Moe-Mentum providing 360 degrees of skiing including access to the back side of the mountain.


  • Improve the skier experience by eliminating long traverse to lift plaza
  • Alleviate congestion on Chair 1 and at the summit
  • Take pressure off Fill Slope (Ant Hill)
  • Provide access to East Rim and North Side
  • Spread skiers across more of the mountain
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