Resort Improvements

Current Projects

Flower Point Project

We have finished cutting the lift line and six new runs in the Flower Point area. Timber will be removed and the phase is expected to be completed by mid-October leaving us with four main runs and two connecter runs for a total of six new groomable, named runs*. We’ve also poured concrete for the bottom and top terminals of the new lift, and if weather cooperates we will pour concrete for a couple lift tower pads. Lift installation is planned for next summer and projected to be ready in time for the 2014/2015 Winter Season.
*Some of these runs will be considered out-of-bounds during the 2013/2014 Winter Season.

This summer we purchased and uninstalled a fixed-grip triple chair lift from the Kimberley Ski Area, and transported it across the border and up to our holding area. We’ve also poured the concrete for the bottom terminal and we will be pouring the concrete for the top terminal very soon.

In April 2013, the Flathead National Forest approved a plan to add approximately 200 acres of lift-served skiing including 32 acres of cleared runs, additional gladed areas and a fixed-grip triple chairlift. The project will be constructed in two phases and be completed for the 2014-2015 Winter Season. Read the press release here.

Download the PDF or view a map of this proposed expansion in the slideshow above. Click to enlarge.

Base Lodge Expansion Project

An additional 100 seats will be created with a 1,200-foot addition to the Base Lodge for the 2013/2014 Winter Season. The new room will be located slopeside on the northeast corner of the Base Lodge and include windows for viewing the mountain and the beginner ski area so parents can watch their kids from the warmth and comfort of the lodge. The room also will provide additional meeting space that will be able to be sectioned off for special events and connect to the existing Mt. Jackson room for additional space.

Future Projects

East Rim Lift/Extension of Chair 4 Project

In 2009 Whitefish Mountain Resort submitted an addendum to the Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain Master Plan to the US Forest Service proposing a new three-phase plan for lifts that would provide additional uphill capacity out of the Base Lodge, reduce congestion on Chair 1, and spread skiers more across the mountain. These projects were approved by the USFS in early 2011.

Phase 1: Base Lodge Lift

Completed for the 2011/2012 winter season, the installation of a base lodge lift (Bad Rock) alleviates congestion at Chair 6 and provides access to Chair 4. The chair also is included in summer operations providing uphill service for zip line tours and could be used for access to future mountain bike trails. This lift is located on resort property, not Forest Service land.

Phase 2: Move Chair 5 to the East Rim area.

The East Rim area encompasses approximately 200 acres of intermediate and advanced terrain including runs, chutes, trees and bowls. Currently there is no direct lift access to the East Rim; it is skied to by using Chair 1 and descending Fill Hill (Ant Hill). Once skiers exit the area they must take a long traverse back to the lifts. Chair 5 is rarely used (only on high volume days) because Chair 1 provides access to the same terrain. Moving Chair 5 would allow an underutilized lift to create improved access to the East Rim. The bottom of the lift would be placed near the intersection of Moe-Mentum and Russ’s Street runs. The top terminal would be located on the knob to the east of the top of Moe-Mentum providing 360 degrees of skiing including access to the back side of the mountain.


  • Improve the skier experience by eliminating long traverse to lift plaza
  • Alleviate congestion on Chair 1 and at the summit
  • Take pressure off Fill Slope (Ant Hill)
  • Provide access to East Rim and North Side
  • Spread skiers across more of the mountain
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