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Event Details

WHAT: Whitefish Whiteout, 01/17/2015
WHO: Skiers and Splitboarders
WHEN: Race Saturday Jan
WHERE: All over the mountain


The Whitefish Whiteout is a race in the European Randonee tradition. Competitors will skin up the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Resort remove their skins and descend the most challenging terrain that conditions permit. The course will take competitors on an up and down route throughout the permit area of the mountain. There are three levels of competition – One Ascent Only, a Short Course and a Long Course.

The Whitefish Whiteout is open to anyone who wants to enter any of the categories. Some people take 3+ hours but the 2010 winner ascended to the top of the mountain via Toni Matt in 28 minutes. That’s right 28 minutes. Holy Mackerel.


The Whitefish Whiteout is a backcountry ski mountaineering race (within the resort permit area) and as such we highly recommend all participants to wear a helmet and carry a beacon shovel and probe. Plus it is just fair that we all carry the same weight. It isn’t mandatory but it is in the spirit of the event. If avalanche control is needed on Saturday the start of the event will be delayed until later the same day.

Jan 8 – Preregistration deadline to guarantee t-shirt size. (we can’t make ‘em on race day)

Jan 16 – Noon – Preregistration closes. Preregistration guarantees a spot, gives you a discount, and an express line during registration on race day to pick up your bib and goodie bag. Why wouldn’t you?
Jan 17 – 8:00 – 8:30am – Day of Registration.

Day of Registration. Jan 17 – 8:00 – 8:30am –Located at the Lift Plaza ticket office (east end of Birch Lot, see attached Village Map) . Even if you preregister, you must be here to pick up your bib, etc.

Start - 10am at the west side of the bottom terminal of Chair One.
2:30pm (about 1 Hour after last racer crosses the finish) - Awards at Ed and Mully's in the Upper Village.

The Whiteout is open to AT/ Touring skiers telemark skiers or split board snowboarders with a men's and women's category in each. Choose from the Single Ascent Category, the Short course (2400’ vertical climb) or the Long Course (4800' total vertical climb) for each discipline. If more than 3 "masters" (45 years and older) preregister by 1/16 we will create an additional master’s classes. All masters disciplines are combined (AT, tele, etc). If Master's classes do not have at least 3 racers, we will combine you into non master's classes.

Single Ascent Categories

Short Course Categories

Long Course Categories

All combined

AT Mens

AT Mens

AT Womens

AT Womens

Tele Mens

Tele Mens

Tele Womens

Tele Womens

Splitboard Mens

Splitboard Mens

Splitboard Womens

Splitboard Womens

-See attached pdf's for course maps at the bottom of this page -

This course description will describe all courses. The Single Ascent category is simply the first stage of the event, the short course is the first 3 stages of the event, and the long course includes all stages. Click HERE for the uphill traffic policy for Stages 1&3,

Located at the bottom of chair one, skiers right of the bottom terminal. Long Course begins at 10am, Short Course and single ascent begin two minutes later.
STAGE 1 - 1.5 Miles / +2045' (2.87km / +623m)
Ascent the Toni Matt uphill route, as per the uphill policy. Finish this climb at the very tip-top of the mountain adjacent to the top terminal of Chair 5. This is the end of the Single Ascent Category.
STAGE 2 - .9 Miles / -1376' (1.72km / -419m)
From the top terminal of Chair 5, go down Inspiration to the top of Cal's Country. Descend Cal's to Haskill Slide to the Bottom of 'Over the Hill Gang' and continue about 100 meters until you merge with Russ' Street. Transition located on skiers left on Russ' Street.
STAGE 3 - .63 Miles / +1100' (1.21km / +335m)
Climb the east side skin route, as per the uphill policy. This route ascends Russ St to the top of Moe-mentum. Transition located at the top of Moe-mentum/bottom of Fill Hill/near the East Rim access gate. This is also the SHORT COURSE FINISH.
STAGE 4 - .6 Miles / -589' (1.15km / -180m)
From the transition at the bottom of Fill Hill, descend Russ' St past Moose and take the well marked traverse over to the apron below Buckle Your Boot. Follow marking to the transition located bottom of NBC on Moose ski run.
STAGE 5 - .4 Miles / +589' (.77km / +180m)
Boot pack up NBC up through the chute. Skin up to the top of East Rim to the transition at the bottom of Fill Hill (same one as the end of Stage 3)
STAGE 6 - .6 Miles / -466' (1.15km / -142m)
From the bottom of Fill Hill transition, ski down Russ' St to the bottom of the Big Foot Tbar (Tbar 2). Transition here.
STAGE 7 - .5 Miles / +510' (.96km / +155m)
Skin up One Grand Parade to the top of Flower Point Chair. Transition here.
STAGE 8 - 2.3 Miles / -1074' (2.3km / -377m)
From the transition at the top of Flower Point, ski down Ridge Run all the way past the bottom terminal of Flower Point to the far side of the lower terminal of Chair 7. Transition here.
STAGE 9 - 1.8 Miles / +1217' (3.45km / +371m)
From the transition at the bottom of Chair 7, skin up Grey Wolf ski run all the way to the Bighorn Runout / Caribou Cutoff. Continue up the Bighorn Runout to the bottom of Bighorn. Boot pack up Bighorn proper. Put back on your skis on Grey Wolf, and skin up the 'Connies Road' (with all the gates to access connies coulee, located on the west side of the upper terminal of Chair one at the summit.
Located at the upper end of the 'Connie's Road'. This is the same location as the past several years, at the 'Saddle' between the tops of Chairs 1 & 5.

Ascent Only -1.5 Miles / +2045' up (2.87km / +623m)
Short Course - 3.03 Miles / +3145' up, -1376' down (5.8km / 959m up, 419m down)
Long Course - 8.13 Miles / +5461' up, - 3505' down (13.1km / 1664m up, 1070m down)

If you would like a .kmz file outlining each stage of this course, please request via email to joshk@skiwhitefish.com .

The courses have a few types of marking to be aware of -
Normal Uphill Routes (stages 1&3) marked with the standard 'uphill diamonds' used to designate our normal uphill routes.
Uphill Stages are marked with Bamboo with a long strip of bright flagging. These will be placed throughout the climbs, as well as supplementing the existing uphill routes for stages 1&3.
Downhill Stages are marked with Race Gates (i.e. red / blue panels on two bamboo posts).
All stages may also be supplemented with additional 18" wire pin flags with bright orange flagging.
Transition Areas are all marked with a yellow flag, bamboo with fourescent flagging, a very tall Whitefish Banner as well as a course marshall staffing each location.
There are a total of 20 marshalls and timers, and over 300 markers throughout the course. Each racers still has some responsiblity in terms of wayfinding and having a basic understanding of each stage.
Each of these types of markings will be displayed during the competitors meeting at the start, and there will also be an open forum Q&A for course related questions prior to the start.

Pre-registration Fees

$40 Race & $20 Recreation & $10 Ascent only- pre-register online to save money (online preregistration closes at 12pm 1/16/15).

Click HERE to pre-register online.

Day Of Registration Fees
$50 Race & $30 Recreation /$15 Ascent Only Division
The first 60 racers to register receive a shirt (your size guaranteed if before 1/8) goodie bag and all racers have a strong likelihood of winning some swag at awards.

Single Ascent only CategoryAll disciplines together Men or Women. (Ascent class does not receive a T Shirt because it is only $10 to register. Winners receive ribbons and recognition and all competitors are entered into the raffle.)

$1000 Cash Purse including $50 to the first man and the first woman to the Top of Toni Matt!

Long Course AT Men and AT Women also have cash prizes of $250 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.
Plus you can win plenty of other great prizes from all of our sponsors!

Contact Email:events@skiwhitefish.com
Event Phone Number: 862.2910

Event Documents

2015 Results


2014 Long Course Results

2014 Short Course Results

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