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At 5:00 am, local Whitefish time, the summit temp was: 22°F /-6°C

0"/0cm 24hr freshies.


High: 34°/1°C
Partly Sunny

South Summit

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03/06: YSL Championships
03/06: Meet the Players
03/06: Play 60

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Bits 'O Tasty Fish

The Legacy of One Grand Parade

Twosticksandaboard.com guest blogger Mollie Busby continues her legacy series describing the history of new Flower Point area run One Grand Parade.


SPRING SALE at Snow Ghost Outfitters

30% OFF all ski wear and equipment, 40-50% OFF select clearance items

Snow Ghost Outfitters is located along the Morning Eagle Boardwalk in the Upper Village of Whitefish Mountain Resort. Open Daily 9am–5:30pm | 406-862-1996

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Event Details

WHAT: Champagne Brunch, 03/08/2015
WHO: Everyone
WHEN: 9am-1pm
WHERE: WF Lake Restaurant Golf Course


Once a year, our local chefs donate time and food to create an epic brunch that is as anticipated as the opening of ski season. All-you-can-eat gourmet buffet, free mimosas and the ambiance of the elegant Whitefish Lake Restaurant. Tickets sell out fast so be sure to get yours!

Date: Sunday, March 8,2015
Location: Whitefish Lake Restaurant at the Golf Course
Time: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.


There is no participant information for this event.

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