Chair 5 is on the Move

When ski areas install chairlifts it’s a multi-stage project that takes several months. We started the process last March by removing the chairs that have hung over Ptarmigan Bowl since 1981. After closing for the season in April, we really got rolling taking the lift apart and moving its pieces parts over snow and in the air from Ptarmigan Bowl to one of three locations: the top of East Rim where it will unload, the bottom terminal location near the intersection of Russ’s Street and Moe-Mentum, or to the Fir Lot.

On April 23 a helicopter was used to transport the larger pieces of the bottom terminal from Ptarmigan Bowl to Russ’s Street staging area. Lift towers and assemblies were transported to the Fir Lot for easy access to paint and service. Using helicopters to transport lift towers, bull wheels and other large pieces is very exciting to witness. We also used a helicopter to transport and pour concrete for the new tower foundations in locations where trucks could not make it.


Obviously the entire East Rim area is a construction zone and thus the hiking trail in the area is closed. We’ve re-routed the Danny On Trail that goes through that area while we are working on the lift installation. The Runaway Train bike trail may close on days for the project as well. We do appreciate the inconvenience this may cause our guests, however it is for safety. Things will go back to normal next summer.

Stay tuned for updates later this fall as the project continues!

East Rim Chair Facts & Stats:

Lift type: fixed-grip triple
Horizontal length: 2,388 feet
Vertical rise: 804.62 feet
Number of chairs: 110
Number of towers: 13
Capacity: 1,750 people per hour