Riley Polumbus

Time to Toast to Summer’s End!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?” It happens every year, we reach the middle of August and the reality of summer ending induces mild panic. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and the best way to get over the feeling is to celebrate summer’s […]

Summer starts June 18!

Summer appeals to all of the senses. The sight of colorful wildflowers, multiple shades of green trees, blue lakes and snowcapped peaks of Glacier National Park—all of which can be seen from the summit of Big Mountain. The feeling of warmth from the sun and coolness from the breeze as […]

Dummy Building for Dummies

Spring silliness is in full bloom, and one of the ways we celebrate is to attend silly events. Even better: participate in a silly event. If you’ve never done that before, no worries! We all had to start sometime, what better time than the present? What better event than the […]

The Good Old Days – Ski Heritage Days

Once upon a time, Chair 1 would shut down mid-day, ski patrol would sweep the slopes and everyone went to lunch. Guests sat alongside lift operators, ski instructors and other administrative employees and shared a meal together at the Chalet. After lunch the guests went back to skiing and employees […]